Make either of the two custards given above. Substitute flour for the cornstarch if you prefer, using a little less. When cool, and shortly before serving, beat the whites of the eggs, add pulverized sugar, and drop it in large spoonfuls on top of the custard. Then dot each "Island" with bright-colored tart jelly.

Raspberry Floating Island is made as above, but to make the islands, see " Raspberry Trifle."

Apple Floating Island. Make the islands like "Apple Snow."

Jelly Floating Island. Beat a little red jelly with the whites of the eggs.

Chocolate Floating Island. To the beaten whites of the eggs add two tablespoonfuls of grated chocolate.

Floating Island, Without Cooking

Put a pint of cream into a glass dish; beat the whites of the eggs stiff; add a little pulverized sugar and currant jelly; beat all to a stiff froth, and pile in spoonfuls on the surface of the cream.

Serve soon with fancy crackers.

Or arrange it in cups, and put a macaroon in each.

Tipsy Parson

Moisten slices of stale cake with wine, and lay them in the bottom of a custard-dish. Have ready a "Boiled Custard"; pour it while hot on the cake. Do not serve it for two hours.

This is a good way to use up stale cake or gingerbread, though the latter is not so nice.

A richer dish may be made by spreading the cake with jelly, after moistening it, and by beating the whites of the eggs, afterwards sweetened, with which to cover the top.