Graham Gruel

1/2 cupful Graham flour. 1/2 cupful cold water.

1 quart boiling water. 2 teaspoonfuls salt.

Stir the flour smooth in the cold water. Pour it into the salted boiling water, over the fire, stirring smooth as you put it in. Cover, and leave it to boil for an hour. (N. B. It is best to boil it in a double-boiler, as it will not then scorch.) Serve as it is, or with the addition of a little milk, if the patient can take it.

Oatmeal Gruel

1/2 cupful oatmeal.

1 quart milk or water.

Boil slowly together until the oatmeal is well cooked. Then pass through a sieve, adding salt or sugar to taste.

Another (More Delicate)

1 cupful oatmeal.

1 quart water.

Mix together and let it stand over night. In the morning drain off the water, add one saltspoonful of salt, and boil till it thickens. This can be given in cases of severd illness.

Oatmeal Cordial

1 quart water.

2 tablespoonfuls oatmeal.

2 pinches mace.

2 pinches grated nutmeg.

1 3/4 teaspoonfuls ground cinnamon.

1 lemon, juice only.

8 tablespoonfuls tine sugar.

1 pint wine.

Boil the water. Mix the oatmeal and spices in a cupful of cold water and stir into the boiling water. Boil ten minutes. Put in the lemon juice and sugar, and stir gently and constantly. Then add the wine. Boil all for a few minutes, and strain.

Use Robertson's Prepared Oatmeal

A Very Delicate Egg Gruel

Beat one egg in a bowl. Add salt, a little parsley (may be omitted) and a teacupful of boiling water. Stir fast as you pour it in. Cut into small pieces a slice of toasted bread, and pour the gruel over it.

This makes just enough for one person.

Another. Beat the yolk of one egg with one tablespoonful of sugar. On this pour two thirds of a cupful boiling water. Beat the white of the egg stiff, with one teaspoonful of fine sugar, flavor to taste, and put on top. A little wine for flavor, or tart jelly, is excellent..

A Hearty Egg Gruel

(Very Nourishing.)

Boil eggs two hours. Mash the yolks fine. Boil new milk and stir gradually upon the mashed yolks, until of the consistency of cream, or thinner. Add a little salt.

Excellent in case of nausea.

Barley Water

1/4 pound pearl barley. 2 quarts cold water.

A little salt.

Wash thoroughly in one water. Pour this off, and soak till morning in the two quarts of water. Then boil in the same water till reduced one half. Skim while boiling; strain when done and salt it to taste. If allowed, a little lemon juice may be added. The barley that remains in the strainer is very good to eat like oatmeal, with cream and sugar, if salted first.

Another. (More Quickly Made.)

2 ounces pearl barley. 1 cupful cold water.

2 quarts hot water. A little salt.

Wash in one water only. Drain, then pour over it the cupful of cold water and boil fifteen minutes. Throw away this water, and pour over the barley the two quarts hot water. Add salt. Boil until reduced one half (about one and one half hours). Then strain. Use in fever cases.