Potted Partridges

Stuff and truss partridges as you do fowls, and flour them. Melt a spoonful of butter in a small pot, and then dredge in a spoonful of flour. When it is browned, lay in the partridges. Cover them with a cup of cold water, and put the lid on the pot. When the birds begin to brown shake the pot frequently and gently, turning the birds from side to side till browned all over. When done, they can be easily pierced by a fork. Then place them side by side neatly on a platter, and pour the gravy over them.

How To Cook Small Birds (Any Kind)

Roast or broil with a very hot fire. Roll the birds in melted butter before cooking, and baste with butter. See also "Prairie Chickens, Another Way." Serve with "Tomato Sauce" or Currant Jelly. Or lay each one on a slice of toast, and surround it with boiled peas or rice.

Partridges, quail, snipe and woodcock require to be in the oven about twenty-five minutes to suit the taste of most persons, though some prefer them underdone; in this case fifteen minutes will suffice. "Bread Sauce" is nice with them.


Cooked like Rabbits.

See also " Brunswick Stew."