Hash can be varied in a number of ways. Remove all fat and gristle from cold meat, and chop it very fine if to be used without potato, coarser, if with. Chop the potatoes separately, using rather more potato than meat. Have ready in a hot frying-pan a little gravy, milk, or water and butter. Put in the hash, with salt and pepper. Stir and toss every moment till of a good consistency and smoking hot. Then serve at once. All hash should be cooked over a very hot fire.

Browned Hash

Is prepared as above, using mutton, corned beef or ham, and mashed potato if you like. Instead of warming it in gravy, put a lump of beef-dripping (or other fat) in the pan and brown on the under side without stirring. When crisp and brown, serve bottom side up on a hot platter. If corned beef is used, a little chopped red pepper may be added; with ham, a little mustard.

Minced Hash

This is fine hash, without potato. Stir while heating it, and serve on dipped toast. This should be seasoned with especial care. A little catsup, "Claret Syrup" or "Stewed Tomato" is a pleasant addition. If veal is used add mace, sage and a little chopped celery. If beef a little marjoram.

Poultry Hash Is made like minced hash. Mix with it the stuffing, and add, if you have any, the remains of oysters cooked in any way, and chopped, or a little " Boiled Rice " may be used. Vary it by adding curry powder.

Baked Hash. Mince fine any kind of cold meat, and season it well. Put in a buttered pudding-dish, in layers with crumbs of bread or cracker, having the layers of meat about twice as thick as the crumbs. Pour half a cupful of gravy, milk, or water (or more if the dish is large) over all. Cover with dots of butter, and bake in a very hot oven till brown. Put layers of tomato or rice (cooked) in place of crumbs, for a change. If you use tomato a little ground cloves is a good addition. Veal treated thus is excellent.

Baked Hash With Eggs

Mince fine any kind of cold meat. Season well. Put it in a shallow buttered pudding-dish, grate stale bread crumbs on top, and moisten the whole by pouring over it a little cold gravy, or milk (water will do). Set the dish in a very hot oven, and as soon as it is warm, break several eggs (whole) over the top in Bach a way as not to break the yolks. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and leave in the oven till the eggs are "set," i. e., keep their shape. Another way is to make a mixture as for fried omelet. Pour it over the meat and set in a hotoven till just cooked through. This should be eaten before it falls. These are good ways to uhelp out" a small amount of meat.

Hidden Hash

Make same as "Meat Balls," but when dished, cover each one with a layer of hot apple sauce or cranberry sauce one inch thick.