Frozen Custard

Make "Boiled or Cornstarch Custard," but use as much as one half pound of sugar. Freeze it as directed, on freezer.

A Rich Ice Cream.

5 cupfuls cream. 1 1/2 cupfuls sugar.

1 1/2 teaspoonfuls vanilla.

Mix all together and freeze.

Good Ice Cream may be made by substituting milk for half the cream. Boil. "Thicken" with one tablespoonful of arrowroot, and add one or two eggs.

For six persons.

Banana Ice Cream

Make like the above, and mix in, when half frozen, one large banana, mashed with a fork.

Or, stir the banana into the following mixture:

1 quart hot milk.

2 tablespoonfuls gelatine.

1/2 pound sugar.

2 eggs, beaten light.

Mix well together and freeze.

Peach Ice Cream

Make like "Banana Ice Cream," using one quart peaches, pared, stoned and mashed.

Canned peaches, or apricots may be used for this.

Pine-Apple Ice Cream

1 quart cream. 1 quart milk.

2 pounds sugar.

2 pine-apples, chopped.

Sweeten the cream and milk; freeze, and when nearly frozen add the pine-apples with the juice. (If this is put in before freezing it will curdle the milk.) Beat all together, and finish freezing.

Two cans of pine-apple may he substituted for the fresh.

Berry Ice Cream

Mash strawberries or raspberries, sweeten and make like "Banana Ice Cream."

One quart of berries to one quart of cream is a good proportion.

Chocolate Ice Cream

1 quart milk.

4 table spoonfuls Baker's choc-olate grated. A little boiling water. l 1/2 cupfuls sugar.

1/2 tablespoonful cornstarch. 1 egg, beaten light. 1 1/2 teaspoonfuls vanilla. 1 pint cream.

Heat the milk in a double-boiler, reserving a little. Rub the chocolate smooth in the boiling water, and add to the milk with the sugar. Rub the cornstarch in the reserved milk and stir it with the egg, add this to the milk after it has boiled a few minutes. Stir it for a moment, and remove before it thickens much. When perfectly cold, stir in the vanilla and cream. Freeze. Enough for eight persons.

Coffee Ice Cream

2 quarts milk.

1 pint strong, clear, hot coffee.

1 3/4 pounds sugar. 1 quart rich cream.

Mix all together, adding the cream when the mixture is cold, and freeze.

Enough for sixteen persons.

Caramel Ice Cream

1/2 pound brown sugar. A little hot water. 1 pint milk.

3 or 4 eggs, well beaten. Lemon flavoring, if you like.

Burn one half the sugar in a pan on top of the stove, stirring constantly till soft and dark; pour in enough of the water to make it liquid. Add the rest of the sugar, mixed with the milk and beaten eggs. Flavor and stir all together. Then freeze. For three persons.

Bisque Ice Cream

3 ounces macaroons.

1 pint cream.

1 lemon, juice only.

1 glass sherry wine. Sugar to taste.

Roll or crush fine the macaroons, and beat them into the cream. Then stir in the other ingredients. Whip all together and freeze. To substitute any kind of stale cake for the macaroons makes a good ice cream, but not Bisque! For three persons.

Orange Or Lemon Ice

1 pint water 1 pint sugar.

6 oranges and 2 lemons, or, 6 lemons and 2 oranges.

Mix all together, using the juice of all, and the grated rind of three of the oranges or lemons. Freeze. It is an improvement to add when partly frozen, the whites of three or four eggs, beaten stiff.