Plain Jelly-Cake

Mix like "Feather Cake." Fill jelly-cake tins only half-full and bake in a very hot oven - about ten minutes - taking care not to let the edges harden.

When cold, spread each layer thickly with jelly. Pile neatly on a plate, and sift pulverized sugar over the top. Eat fresh. Makes one loaf of five layers.

Jelly Cake Without Eggs

1 cupful sugar.

1/2 cupful butter (scant).

1/2 cupful milk.

1/2 teaspoonful soda, dissolved.

1/4 cupful cold water. 2 cupfuls flour. 1 teaspoonful cream of tartar.

Flavor to taste.

Mix in order, and bake about ten minutes in jelly-cake tins in a very hot oven.

Makes one large loaf of five layers. Eat fresh.

This is nice with lemon or apple filling. A useful receipt when eggs are scarce.

Gold And Silver Jelly-Cake

Make "Gold" and "Silver" Cake. Bake and proceed as with "Plain Jelly-Cake." Pile the layers in alternating colors.

Makes a very handsome cake.

Tip-Top Jelly-Cake

3 eggs (yolks and whites sep-arate). 1 1/2 cupfuls sugar. 1/2 cupful butter (softened).

1/2 cupful milk. 1/2 teaspoonful soda, dissolved. 1 teaspoonful cream of tartar. 2 cupfuls flour.

Beat yolks of the eggs and the sugar together. Then add butter, milk and soda. Beat the whites stiff, and mix them in alternately with the flour (with the cream of tartar mixed through it). Beat all together and proceed as with "Plain Jelly-Cake."

Makes two jelly-cakes, of four layers each.

Rolled Jelly-Cake

Make "Cheap Sponge Cake," but beat it after the flour is in, to make it tough. When ready to bake, put into a large, square shallow pan (a dripping-pan will do) which must be very thickly buttered. This is to prevent any difficulty in turning it out of the pan without breaking. Be sure to have the mixture evenly spread in the pan, but very thinly. Put at once into a very hot oven and bake evenly, taking care not to let it harden around the edges. This can be prevented by laying a thick paper over the top. Have the paper large enough to be supported by the sides of the pan, so that it will not touch the batter.

Do not open the oven door until it has been in five minutes. Spread on a table a clean cloth, and when thd cake is done, which should be in ten minutes, slip it out of the pan, bottom side up, on to the cloth. Spread it quickly while still hot with nearly one cupful of jelly, or raspberry jam; beginning at the narrow end, roll it up into a compact round roll. All this must be done very rapidly or the cake will cool too much to roll.

This is very quickly made. Caramel frosting (see "Caramel Loaf ") may be used instead of jelly.