Boiled Macaroni

To a quarter of a pound of macaroni allow one dessertspoonful of salt. Put it in a deep sauce-pan, having broken it into convenient lengths. Pour over it as much boiling water as the sauce-pan will hold. Macaroni needs a great quantity, as it soaks up much water, and is not good unless kept well under water during the whole process of boiling. Boil slowly (so as not to break it) for two hours, stirring occasionally from the bottom with a fork. When done, pour it into a colander, and drain off all the water. Then dish, with generous lumps of butter laid among the pieces. Serve covered.

Another way is to pour off the water when done, and cover it with milk. When this boils, dredge in a little flour and add a piece of butter.

Some kinds of macaroni will boil in a shorter time; but it should be very thoroughly cooked.

Milan Macaroni

1 1/2 quarts of beef or mutton broth.

1/4 pound macaroni. 1/2 tablespoonful salt.

Put the broth on the fire fully two hours before dinner. When it boils, put in the macaroni and salt. Boil very slowly until the macaroni is tender. Drain through a colander, saving the broth for soup. Dish with a little butter.

Baked Macaroni

Put boiled macaroni (hot or cold) into a buttered pudding-dish in layers with bits of butter and plenty of thickly grated cheese. Fill the dish more than half full of milk, and put a layer of fine, grated bread-crumbs on top. Cover this with bits of butter. Bake in a very quick oven about ten minutes, till nicely browned on top.

Macaroni With Tomato Sauce

Butter a deep, large dish. Put a layer of macaroni (boiled) in it, then a layer of "Tomato Sauce," etc., till the dish is full. Have sauce on top. Brown in a very hot oven for five minutes. What is left, use for soup.

Stuffed Egg-plant.

1 large purple egg-plant.

1 cupful milk 1 cupful breadcrumbs. Pepper and salt.

Cut the top off the egg-plant. Scrape or cutout all the inside, and boil this till thoroughly done in cold water. Mix into it while hot the milk, bread-crumbs, pepper and salt. Fill the shell with the stuffing, and bake a quarter of an hour in a very hot oven, basting it once or twice with butter.

The stuffing may be made richer by adding a little minced salt pork, onion, and parsley. Use what is left for "An Appetizing Breakfast Dish."