Mutton A La Venison

4 slices cold roast mutton.

1 cupful cold mutton-gravy.

2 tablespoonfuls currant jelly. 1 teaspoonful made mustard.

Pepper and salt. 2 tablespoonfuls Madeira or currant wine.

Cut the slices of mutton pretty thick. Put them in a frying-pan, already heated. Pour over them the gravy. When smoking hot, add the jelly. Stir till melted. Then put in the other things, adding the wine at the last minute before serving.

This makes a good imitation of venison, if not allowed to stand after it is cooked.

Casserole Rice And Meat

(With Tomato Sauce.)

3 cupfuls hot boiled rice.

pound cold meat (chopped fine).

1 teaspoonful onion (chopped fine).

1 teaspoonful parsley (chopped fine). 1 saltspoonful thyme.

1 saltspoonful marjoram.

1 saltspoonful celery salt.

1/2 saltspoonful pepper.

A little salt. 2 tablespoonfuls fine crumbs. A little hot water or stock.

Butter a small mould. Line the sides and bottom half an inch deep with the soft rice reserving a little. Have ready the meat, well mixed with the spices. To this add the crumbs (bread or cracker), previously moistened sufficiently to bind it. Stir all well together, and then pack closely in the mould. Cover the meat with the rest of the rice, and steam three quarters of an hour.

Invert on a hot dish, and pour around it "Tomato Sauce."

Wild Birds, Rechauffee

Cut meat off of wild birds of any kind, left from dinner, scraping the bones well; mince tine.

Put the bones in a sauce-pan with enough cold water to cover them. Cover, and boil fast, ten minutes. Strain, and return to the sauce-pan, with the meat, a few bits of butter, the juice of a lemon, a little pepper and salt, and one third cupful of port wine, if you have it. Simmer gently a few minutes, keeping the sauce-pan covered. When it boils up well, stir in a teaspoonful of browned flour, rubbed to a paste in cold water.

Serve at once on a platter lined with slices of buttered toast.

To increase the quantity, and yet have an appetizing dish, add to the meat the remains of roast duck, or even chicken and turkey. This can easily be done in winter, when meat can be saved from day to day.

Chicken And Corn Pudding

2stewed chickens.

1 quart grated green corn.

3eggs (yolks only). A little salt.

A little cayenne pepper. 2 tablcspoonfuls melted butter. 1 cupful strained tomato juice. A little chicken broth or gravy.

While the chickens are stewing, prepare the corn, and mix all the other things with it, except the chicken-broth.

Line a buttered baking-dish with part of the mixture. Joint the chickens, and put them in with a little broth or gravy, then cover them with what remains of the corn batter. Bake in a moderate oven until well done.

The remains of any cold chicken may be used for this.

Chicken Baked In Rice

Cut a chicken into joints as for fricassee. Season with pepper and salt. Lay in a deep dish lined with slices of ham or bacon. Add one pint veal gravy; one onion finely minced, and mixed through it. Fill up the dish with "Boiled Rice" piled high as the dish will hold. Cover with a paste of flour and water. Bake one hour. Before serving, remove the paste.

A Tempting Dish, For Luncheon

Shred cold chicken (cooked in any way) into mouthfuls, and mince the liver. Cut nearly an equal amount of celery into short pieces; barely cover them with water, and stew till tender. Then add the chicken, with pepper and salt. When it boils add bits of butter, thickly rolled in flour, and one half cupful of milk into which flour has been stirred to make it the consistency of cream.

Boil till it thickens well. Served covered.