Plain Muffins

1 egg beaten light. 1 1/2 cupfuls milk.

2 tablespoonfuls butter (melted). 1 teaspoonful salt.

1/2 teaspoonful soda (dis-solved).

1 teaspoonful cream of tartar. Flour to make a thick batter (about 3 cupfuls).

Mix in this order. Beat hard; have the muffin rings hot, fill them half full; and bake in a hot oven nearly half an hour. Makes one dozen.

Raised Muffins

1 quart warm milk.

1 cupful melted butter (less will do). 1 teaspoonful salt.

3 eggs, beaten light.

2 full tablespoonfuls yeast.

Flour to make a thick batter.

Mix in this order. Cover, and set to rise over night, if you want them for breakfast. If for tea, set them four or five hours before. When light pour gently into hot rings (half-full) and bake at once in a quick oven about twenty minutes. Makes one dozen.

Sweet Muffins

2heaping tablespoonfuls sugar. 1/2 cupful butter. 1/2 teaspoonful salt. 4 eggs, beaten light. 1 pint milk.

1 quart flour (more or less). 2 teaspoonfuls cream of tartar. 1 teaspoonful soda (dissolved).

Mix in this order. Beat hard, pour into hot muffin-rings, fill them half-full, and bake in a quick oven about twenty minutes. (If you choose use three teaspoonfuls of baking powder, mixed through the flour; and omit the cream of tartar and soda.) Makes one and one half dozen.

English Muffins. (No Butter Or Milk.)

1 quart flour. 1 pint tepid water (more or less).

l 1/2 teaspoonfuls salt. 2 tablespoonfuls yeast. 1 egg (white only).

Add the water to the flour, a little at a time, till you have enough for a very soft dough. Add the salt and yeast. Cover, and set to rise in a warm place. When light, beat up the white of the egg, and mix it in, with a spoon, beating hard. Put into hot rings, fill them half-full, and let them rise about ten minutes. Then bake at once in a very quick oven about fifteen minutes. If you want the muffins for breakfast, set them at night; if for tea, about nine o'clock in the morning.

Makes one dozen. Improved by using more eggs, or a small piece of butter.

Buttermilk Muffins

1 pint sour or buttermilk.

1 pint flour.

1 table spoonful sugar.

1teaspoonful salt.

2teaspoonfuls butter melted. 1 teaspoonful soda dissolved.

Mix in order. Beat hard, and fill hot rings. Bake in a very hot oven about fifteen minutes. Eat before they fall. The success of these depends upon hard beating and quick baking. Makes one dozen.

Rice Or Hominy Muffins

1 cupful boiled rice or hominy.

1 pint flour.

1 teaspoonful salt.

2 or 3 eggs, beaten light.

1 pint milk.

Butter, size of an egg (melted).

Mix. Beat hard. Fill hot muffin-rings to the top and bake in a very hot oven, about half an hour. Makes one dozen.

Alleghany Corn Muffins

1 pt. corn meal. 1 pt. white flour. 3 teaspoonfuls baking pow-der. 1 teaspoonful salt.

1/2 cupful sugar. 1 pt. milk or water. 2 eggs (beaten light). 1/4 cupful butter (melted).

Mix and beat hard. Bake in hot, greased muffin-rings, about fifteen minutes in a hot oven. (Less butter will do.)

North Carolina Corn Muffins

1 quart corn meal. 1 teaspoonful salt. 1 tablespoonful shortening.

Hot water.

3 eggs, beaten light.

Mix together, using enough water to make a thick batter. Beat for ten minutes. Bake in muffin-rings, filled full, fifteen minutes in a hot oven.