Fried Onions With Eggs

Peel and quarter eight onions, and soak in cold water for awhile. Then put them in a frying-pan with a little water and one cupful of pork gravy (or a little lard). Scatter one tablespoonful of salt over all. Cover, and cook till tender. Then uncover, and cook fast till brown. Beat six eggs, and stir them in. Serve hot in a covered dish.

(A North Carolina dish.)

Baked Onions

Bermuda onions are best, because of their mild flavor. Choose all of one size. Leave the skins on. Bake in the oven till tender. Remove the skins, and dress with butter, pepper, and salt.

Boiled Onions

Choose those of uniform size. Boil twenty minutes, in hot salted water. Drain the water off entirely; add equal parts of fresh, boiling water and milk, and boil twenty minutes more. When tender, lay them in a dish, and season, with butter, salt and pepper. Thicken a little of the milk, if you choose, with flour rubbed in cold water, and boil till of the consistency of custard. Pour over and serve covered. Never cook onions in an iron pot.

Fried Onions

Peel, slice, and fry in hot lard or butter, about forty minutes, till delicately brown. Season with pepper and salt and serve hot, covered.