Boiled Parsnips

Wash and boil in cold salted water from three quarters to one hour. When tender, skin them, split in half, and lay them in a dish, buttering plentifully. Serve covered.

On no account leave them in the water after they are done; it makes them soggy and destroys their flavor. Use what are left over to fry for another meal.

Buttered Parsnips

Boil as above; skin and cut into round, thick slices. Have ready in a sauce-pan, one tablespoonful of butter and one teaspoonful of flour, previously rubbed together, and two tablespoonfuls of milk. When it boils up, put in the parsnips, and shake over the fire till smoking hot. Serve hot in a covered dish.

Fried Parsnips

Boil parsnips as above. When perfectly cold, cut them lengthwise into thick slices, and dredge them with flour. Have ready a hot frying-pan. Put in enough beef dripping, ham fat, or lard to cover the bottom, and when boiling hot, lay in the parsnips. Brown them well on both sides. It will take only a few minutes.

Parsnip Cakes (Fried)

Boil parsnips as above. Mash while hot with a potatomasher, removing all the tough fibre. Add one third as much mashed potato, with a little butter and milk or cream; season with salt and pepper. With floured hands make into balls and flatten them. Fry like "Potato Balls." A beaten egg mixed in is an improvement.

Parsnips With Boast Beef

Wash and scrape, and proceed as with "Browned Potatoes."