Pickled Blackberries

3 quarts blackberries. 1 quart vinegar.

1 quart brown sugar.

Boil all together for ten minutes and seal hot.

Nasturtium Seed (Without Boiling)

Gather the seed, while green, and drop them as you collect them, into a bottle of cold vinegar. Ready for use in six months. They are an excellent substitute for capers.

Sliced Cucumbers. Slice one dozen ordinary-sized cucumbers and one dozen lemons. Sprinkle with salt, and let stand for two hours. Drain well, and have ready on the stove boiling vinegar with pepper. Drop in the cucumbers and let them come to a boil. Then put into glass jars and seal. Use spices, if you like. These are like a dish of fresh cucumbers.

Pickled Apples

1 quart good vinegar. 6 cupfuls brown sugar. 1 teaspoonful cloves.

1 teaspoonful cinnamon. Apples sweet or sour, but firm.

Bring the vinegar and sugar to a boil. Remove the scum and put in the spices.

Pare, core and quarter the apples, and put them into the syrup. Let them boil very slowly until they can be easily pierced with a broom straw.

Pickled Pears

1peck hard pears.

2quarts vinegar.

3pounds brown sugar.

1 ounce cinnamon.

1 ounce cloves.

1 ounce white mustard seed.

While the vinegar and sugar and spices are heating, peel the pears, but do not core them. Leave the stems on. (If you choose you need not even peel them.) Lay in the pears, and boil slowly, having the kettle covered. When tender take them out, put them in a stone jar, and pour the liquor (boiling hot) over them. When cold, tie a cloth over the top of the jar.

Sweet Pickle. (Pears, Peaches Or Cherries.)

Pare peaches and pears. Stone peaches and cherries. To seven pounds of fruit, allow

3 1/2 pounds good brown sugar.

1 pint vinegar.

1 ounce cinnamon.

1 ounce mace. 1 ounce cloves.

Put the fruit in a jar. Boil the vinegar and spice (tied in a bag) together, and pour while hot over the fruit. Let it stand two days. Then pour off the vinegar. Bring it to a boil and put in the fruit. Boil all together until clear. Put into a jar, and when cold tie a cloth over.

Sweet Cucumber Pickles, Or Water-Melon Rind

12 ripe cucumbers. 2 quarts vinegar.

2 pounds sugar.

1 ounce cloves (whole). 1 ounce cinnamon (stick). Salt.

1 are and quarter the cucumbers, and scrape out the seeds and inside, leaving only the rind. Sprinkle them with salt and let them stand over night, to draw out the bitterness.

In the morning rinse off the salt, and put them in a porcelain kettle, with the vinegar, sugar and spices, in a bag. Boil all together slowly twenty minutes. Take out the cucumbers when tender and boil the liquor for half an hour longer. Pour it over the cucumbers while hot. Put them in a stone jar with the bag of spices.

It will keep a year even if unsealed.

Water-melon rind, pared, may be pickled in the same way. If you wish you may leave the cloves out of the bag, and stick them into the rind.

It ensures their keeping, if after a few days the liquor is drained off, boiled over again, and poured over the pickles once more.