Fried Sweet Potatoes

Slice cold parboiled potatoes lengthwise, into slices a quarter of an inch thick, and fry to a delicate brown in dripping, lard or butter.

Cold baked sweet potatoes should he chopped coarsely and fried quickly in plenty of butter.

Broiled Potatoes

Use either cold boiled or parboiled potatoes. Cut them in slices half an inch thick, put them in a wire gridiron and broil over hot coals till well browned on both sides.Season with pepper and salt, lay in a hot platter,and put a bit of butter on each slice.

Stewed Potatoes With Gravy

Cut into cubes cold boiled potatoes. Put into a saucepan with cold gravy of any kind. Season with salt and pepper. Stew gently for ten minutes. Do not stir much for fear of spoiling the shape of the potatoes.

Stewed Potatoes With Milk

Pare raw potatoes. Cut into thick slices. Soak in cold water half an hour. Stew in enough cold water to cover them, till tender (about fifteen minutes). Do not let them boil fast enough to break. Drain off all the water. Pour on milk enough to nearly cover them; add salt and when it boils again a large lump of butter (rubbed with an equal quantity of flour), and a little pepper. Let it boil till it thickens. Serve in a covered dish.

Potato Rechauffee

Cut cold boiled or baked potatoes in small cubes. Have ready in a sauce-pan as much milk as you think will nearly cover them. To each pint of milk take half a cupful of flour. Rub the flour smooth in a little cold milk, and when that in the sauce-pan boils, pour it in. Stir while it thickens; add salt and pepper, and a large lump of butter. Then put in the potatoes. When they all come to a boil pour into a covered dish, and serve.

Potatoes And Cream

Mince cold boiled or baked potatoes. Put them into a hot frying-pan. Season with pepper and salt and pour over them enough cream to nearly cover them. Let them come to a boil, and serve hot in a covered dish.

Potato Snow

While hot, rub "Mashed Potatoes" through a colander into the dish in which they are to be served. Serve very hot.

This is a pretty dish.

Potato Puff

Moisten with hot milk cold "Mashed Potato." Beat it till smooth. Butter an earthen plate or platter. Put the potato into it, mounding it up high. Cover the entire top with melted butter, and dredge it with flour. With a knife mark the top off into diamonds, and set into the oven, which should be very hot. When brown (in ten minutes or so) serve in the same dish. It is an improvement to add to the potato two eggs beaten light.

Saratoga Potatoes

Slice raw potatoes very thin. Put them into very cold water for half an hour or on the ice to chill them. Then drain and dry them thoroughly between two towels. Have ready a pound of lard at the boiling point in a deep kettle. Drop in a few pieces of potato, and keep them separated from each other, as well as you can, while they fry. When delicately browned take them out with a skimmer, and drain on a sieve, at the same time sprinkling them with salt.

The browning will be hastened if the potatoes are taken from the kettle when partly cooked and exposed to the air for an instant, before you finish frying them. Two or three large potatoes will make a dishful. Serve cold or hot. A pretty way to serve them is to spread them over a platter, and lay chicken or veal croquettes at intervals, with sprigs of parsley around each croquette.