Maitre D'hotel Potato

Cold boiled potatoes. 1/2 cupful milk. 3 tablespoonfuls butter.

Pepper and salt. Chopped parsley. 1/2 lemon (juice only).

Put the milk and butter into a sauce-pan already hot, with the potatoes, sliced rather thick. After a moment, add the seasoning and parsley. Heat all together quickly, stirring constantly. As you are about to dish it, stir in quickly the lemon juice. Serve in a covered dish.

Potatoes With Giblets

Cold boiled potatoes.

1 cupful milk. 1 cupful broth from boiled chicken.

Giblets from 2 chickens. 1 tablespoonful flour. 1 tablespoonful butter. Salt and pepper.

Cut the potatoes into pieces the size and shape of small dice, while the milk and chicken-broth are heating on the stove. When they begin to boil add the giblets (chopped fine). If raw let them stew for ten minutes; if cooked, less time will do. Thicken, when done, with the flour (previously wet with cold water), and add butter and seasoning. Put in the potatoes, and let them get thoroughly hot, taking care not to break them by too much Stirring.

If you have no broth, "Giblet Gravy " can be substituted for that and the raw giblets.

German Potatoes

Choose large smooth potatoes, and bake them. When all but done, scoop out the inside from a small hole at the top. Season and mash the potato, and mix with it some sausage meat (cooked). Put back in the skins, and replace in the oven till very hot and tender.

Kentucky Or Escaloped Potatoes

Cut into thin slices either cold boiled, or raw potatoes.

Butter a baking-dish, and put in the potatoes in layers, with salt, pepper, and bits of butter. Moisten with milk or cream enough to cover the potatoes. Bake in a moderate oven a full hour if the potatoes are raw, less time in a quick oven if already boiled.

For those who like onion it gives a pleasant flavor to run the knife through a raw onion several times while slicing the potatoes.

Boiled Potatoes

Choose potatoes of a uniform size and wash them. Peel them as thin as possible, both because it is wasteful to do otherwise, and because the richest part of the potato lies next the skin. Then leave to soak in cold water, for an hour, or longer if the potatoes are very old.

Boil them in salted cold or hot water, according to the hind of potato. If you find that boiling in cold water prevents their being mealy, try hot. It is impossible to give an unvarying rule for potatoes in this respect. If you use cold water, put them on to cook three quarters of an hour before dinner; if hot, half an hour will do. (Of course very small potatoes do not take so long.) Boil till tender when pierced by a fork. Drain off all the water at once, as they will become soggy if left soaking when done. Then take the pot to an open window, and with the lid on, shake them up and down once or twice; after which, remove the lid, expose the potatoes to the cold air for a moment, and set the pot on the back part of the stove, uncovered, for five minutes, to dry out thoroughly, while you are dishing the rest of the dinner.

Serve uncovered, unless by a napkin, which will not prevent the escape of steam.

Old Potatoes, such as one sometimes has in the months of April or May, can be rendered less watery by a very simple process. When about to dish them, take one at a time in a coarse towel, and squeeze it as hard as possible. Then lay it carefully in the dish.

New Potatoes should always be boiled in hot water, and with the skins on. These may be removed at the moment of dishing; sprinkle on salt as you lay them in the dish. Same persons scrape the skins off before boil-ing, but on no account should they be peeled.

Flaked Potato

Prepare like "Boiled Potatoes." Just before dishing, break into small pieces with a fork. Heap lightly in a dish, and sprinkle with salt.

Mashed Potato

Boil potatoes till well cooked. Drain and dry them. With a potato-masher mash and beat until light, in thd same pot they were boiled in, keeping it at one side of the stove, so that the potato will not burn, yet will keep hot. The longer you beat them the whiter and creamier the potato will be, so it is well to allow ten minutes for this when you put the potatoes on to boil. Scatter in salt, and add a little milk (previously heated so as not to cool the potato), with a piece of butter melted in it. Work all together well. Then dish, and smooth the top nicely with a warm knife.

Mashed Potato is the basis of so many dishes and is so popular that it should be prepared with especial care.

Browned Potatoes

(To serve with Boast Beef.)

Wash and peel large potatoes. Dredge with flour. Have a piece of beef roasting. One hour before dinner skim the fat from the gravy, and lay in the potatoes around the meat. Baste frequently with the juice of the meat after they brown. When half-done turn them; dredge, and when brown, baste again. Sprinkle with salt before serving, laid around the platter in which the beef is served.