Prairie Chickens Or Grouse Roasted

Prepare and roast like chickens, but rub the inside of each with melted butter, and put butter in the stuffing. Add butter to the water in the pan when you baste them.

Just before serving them, dredge with flour, and baste with butter to froth them.

Roast grouse three quarters of an hour. It is an improvement to lay a slice of salt pork in the pan, and use the drippings to baste with.

Prairie Chickens. (Another Way.)

Prepare like chickens for roasting. Put them in a steamer (or a colander with a tight cover), over hot water, and steam until nearly done. Then put them in a pan, spread them with butter, set in a hot oven and baste often with melted butter, till nicely browned (about fifteen minutes). Then baste again and dredge on flour to froth them. Serve with parsley, and Currant Jelly.

Another way is to tie a thin slice of bacon over the breast of each bird. Put them in a dripping-pan, with a cup of boiling water; cover and set it on top of the stove for ten or fifteen minutes. Uncover, take off the pork, and dredge with flour. Set the pan in the oven, and proceed to roast them.

Prairie Chickens (Broiled)

Dip in melted butter, when you have split them open down the back. Proceed as with broiled chickens. Serve with Currant Jelly, or "Cranberry Sauce."

It is a good plan, before broiling a prairie chicken, to cut out the breast, and lay it aside while you joint and parboil the rest, which is tough. Then rub all with butter, and broil.