Hard Sauce

1 cupful sugar. 1/2 cupful butter.


Rub the butter and sugar till creamy. Put into a glass dish, smooth the top with a knife, grate over it a little nutmeg, and set on ice.

This can be varied in several ways. You may cover it with grated lemon or orange peel; in this case put the juice of the lemon or orange through the sauce, adding more sugar. Or, divide the sauce into halves, coloring one by beating through it a large lump of bright-colored jelly. Arrange the white as a mound in the centre, making a circle of the pink around it; and help some of each to each person. You can color sauce yellow by mixing through it the juice of an orange which has been squeezed with the peel through a cloth.

Brandy Sauce. Make like "Hard Sauce," and after rubbing the butter and sugar to a cream, mix in nearly a wineglassfull of brandy. One quarter of a cupful of wine may be substituted for the brandy.

Liquid Sauce (Plain)

1/2 cupful butter.

1/2 cupful sugar.

1 tablespoonful flour.

1 1/2 pints boiling water. Flavoring.

Put all together (except the water) in a bowl, set into a kettle of boiling water. When the butter softens, rub into it the flour and sugar. Add the water and flavoring just before serving.

Creamy Sauce

1/2 cupful butter. 1 cupful sugar.

1/4 cupful cream (or milk). 4 tablespoonfuls wine.

Put all together in a bowl, set in a pan of boiling water, over the fire. Stir till it thickens and is frothy.

Rich Pudding Sauce

1 cupful fine sugar. 1/2 cupful butter (scant).

1 egg (white only).

1 wineglassful wine.

Grated rind of 1/3 of a lemon. A little nutmeg (grated). A pinch of salt.

Hub the butter and sugar to a cream. Add the egg, beaten light. Put in the other things and mix all together.

Set the bowl over the steam of the tea-kettle till boiling hot. Leave it for a few minutes, stirring it most of the time. If too thick put in a tablespoonful of boiling water.

Lemon Sauce

2 cupfuls boiling water. 1 cupful sugar. 1 1/2 tablespoonfuls cornstarch.

1 lemon, juice and grated rind. 1 small tablespoonful butter.

Have the water on the stove. Boil the sugar in the water five minutes. Rub the cornstarch smooth in a very little cold water. Add that, and boil all together for ten minutes. Then put in the lemon and butter. Stir till the butter is melted, and serve at once.

Aglaia Sauce

4 tablespoonfuls sugar. 2 tablespoonfuls butter. 2 tablespoonfuls flour.

1 egg (white only). 1/2 cupful boiling water. Flavoring.

Beat the sugar, butter and flour to a cream. Add the white of the egg (well beaten), and the boiling water. Flavor. Set within a kettle of boiling water to keep hot till time to serve.

Molasses Sauce

Boil one cupful of molasses with a large tablespoonful of butter, and one tablespoonful of mixed spices; serve hot. To be used for Apple Fritters, Dumplings, etc.