Pudding Of Cold Corn Bread

Cold corn bread, left from breakfast, may be used as follows:

1 quart milk. A pinch salt. 8 tablespoonfuls corn bread. 6 tablespoonfuls molasses.

2/3 teaspoonful ginger.

1 egg, beaten light.

1/2 cupful raisins or currants.

Boil the milk a few minutes with the salt and cornbread crumbled fine. Then remove. Add the molasses and ginger, and when cool, the egg and raisins (dredged with flour). Bake in a slow oven.

Serve hot, with sauce (lemon or some tart kind is best), or butter.

Indian Pudding

1 quart milk.

4 tablespoonfuls corn-meal.

1 cupful molasses. A little salt.

Boil one pint of the milk. Sift the meal into it gradually and boil a few minutes. Take it off the fire, and add the molasses and salt. Stir well. Add the rest of the milk, and do not stir the mixture after that is put in. Bake in a buttered pudding-dish two and one half hours in a slow oven.

Serve hot, with or without sauce.

Delmonico Pudding

1 quart milk.

A pinch of salt.

3 tablespoonfuls cornstarch.

1/2 cupful sugar.

4 eggs, beaten separately. A little flavoring. 2/3 cupful jelly.

Mix like "Cornstarch Custard." After adding the flavoring, pour it into a pudding-dish, and spread jelly over the top. Cover this with a "Meringue," and brown delicately in a very hot oven. Serve very cold.

Another way is, to add more sugar than usual to the "Meringue," and stir in grated cocoanut. Instead of browning it, scatter cocoanut over the top, to give the appearance of snow-flakes.

Cocoanut Pudding

Make "Cornstarch Blanc Mange" by either of the receipts given. On removing from the fire stir in one cup of grated cocoanut. Pour into a buttered pudding-dish, and when cold spread with a "Meringue." When baked sprinkle cocoanut on top.

Serve cold with cream or "Boiled Custard."

Cocoanut Custard Pudding

1 quart milk.

1 pint grated cocoanut.

4 eggs, beaten light.

1/2 cupful sugar.

1 soda cracker, rolled fine.

Scald the milk, remove and add the cocoanut. When cold, add the eggs and sugar; stir in the cracker, and pour into a buttered pudding-dish. Bake in a rather hot oven, nearly half an hour; until firm. Serve cold.

Chocolate Custard Pudding

1 quart milk.

3 ounces grated chocolate.

6 eggs, reserving whites of 3.

1/2 cupful sugar.

1 teaspoonful vanilla.

Boil the milk, first dipping out a little with which to stir the chocolate to a paste; add it to the boiling milk.

When it has boiled a few minutes remove, and let it cool fifteen minutes; then stir in the eggs, beaten light. Add the sugar and vanilla. Bake in a buttered pudding-dish in a very hot oven, having the dish set in a pan of boiling water. When firm, which should be in half an hour, remove and cover with a "Meringue," using the reserved whites of eggs. Serve cold.

Orange Pudding

4 oranges.

Sugar to sweeten.

"Cornstarch Custard."

3 or 2 eggs (whites only). 3 tablespoonfuls pulverized sugar.

Peel, slice and sugar the oranges. Pour the custard (while hot) over them, and mix well. When cool cover with a "Meringue." Brown delicately in a very hot oven, the dish being set in a pan of hot water. Serve cold.

Berries or preserves may be substituted for the oranges.

Apple Meringue

Make like "Marlborough Pudding," reserving the whites of the eggs. With them make a "Meringue" for the top.

A simpler way is to cover with a meringue a smooth, thick apple-sauce, nicely seasoned.

Brown Betty

Cover the bottom and sides of a well-buttered puddingdish with bread-crumbs. Fill the dish with layers of chopped apple and crumbs, sprinkling each layer with cinnamon, sugar and lumps of butter. Heap the dish high, for the apples will sink. Moisten with a little cold water; cover with a buttered plate and bake three quarters of an hour, if the dish is large.

Take off the cover, and brown quickly. Serve warm with "Hard Sauce," or sugar.