Cream Batter Pudding

1 cupful sour cream. 1 cupful flour.

1 cupful sweet milk.

2/3 teaspoonful soda dissolved.

3 eggs, yolks and wlrites separate.

A pinch of salt.

Mix in order, beating the eggs light; bake in a quick oven, for twenty minutes, without opening the oven door. Serve as soon as done, with sauce.

Batter Or Love Pudding

1 pint milk. 1 cupful flour.

1 saltspoonful salt.

2eggs, beaten light.

Beat all well together. Pour into a hot buttered dish, and bake in a quick oven about twenty minutes. Serve with sauce as soon as done, or it will fall.

For four persons.

Cream Puffs

1/2 pint boiling water. 1/4 pound butter.

1/2 pound flour.

4 eggs, beaten separately.

Boil the butter and water together a few minutes. Then pour it boiling hot upon the flour. Stir fast until smooth.

When cool add the eggs. Drop with a spoon, several inches apart, upon buttered papers. Bake in a quick oven twenty minutes, without opening the oven door. Do not jar the pan. When cold split and fill with custard. (See Cream Pie, below.)

Dessert Puffs Or Vanities

1 quart milk. 1 1/4 quarts flour.

A little salt. 4 eggs.

Mix the flour with the milk till no lumps are left. Add salt. Beat the yolks and whites of the eggs separately and add them in turn. Beat the batter very light, using a Dover egg-beater if you have one. Pour into hot gem-pans, fill half-full, and bake in a very hot oven about fifteen minutes. Eat as soon as done, with hot sauce.

These are favorites with gentlemen.

Makes two dozen Puffs.

German Puffs

2 eggs.

1 cupful sugar. 1 cupful milk.

3 cupfuls flour.

3 teaspoonfuls baking-powder.

1/3 of a nutmeg (grated).

Beat eggs and sugar together. Add the milk, then the flour, with the baking-powder rubbed through the last cupful, before mixing with the rest. Put in the nutmeg, and beat hard.

Butter deep earthen cups or round gem-pans. Fill half full, and bake in a rather quick oven, about twentyfive minutes.

Eat very hot, with liquid sauce.

N. B. Sour milk may be substituted for sweet, in which case omit the baking-powder and use one teaspoonful of soda.

Makes one dozen.

Rice Puffs

1/2 cupful cold boiled rice. 1 cupful milk. 1/2 pint flour.

1/2 teaspoonful salt.

1/2 tablespoonful butter (melted).

1 egg, beaten light.

Mix and beat hard. Fill hot gem-pans full, and bake in a hot oven about half an hour. Serve hot with liquid sauce.

Makes one dozen.

Cream Pie

Bake either "Quick" or "Cheap Sponge Cake," or "Feather Cake" in jelly cake tins. When cold, spread thickly with the following cream:

1 quart milk.

2 to 4 eggs. 2 cupfuls sugar (less will do). 1 cupful flour, or cornstarch. Flavoring.

Scald the milk ; beat the eggs, sugar and flour together and stir into the milk while boiling, until it thickens so as not to run. When cool, flavor.

Enough cream for four pies.