5 or 6 potatoes pared. 3 or 4 large sticks celery. 4 inches square salt pork. 1 large tablespoonful butter


Parsley (may be omitted).


An hour before dinner put to boil the potatoes, celery, and salt pork, all together. When tender, pass through a colander, with the water. Add, while hot, a large tablespoonful of butter, and milk enough to make it the consistency of cream. Return all to the stove, and boil five minutes. Put "Croutons" in the tureen, and pour the hot soup over.

Green Pea Soup

1 1/2 quarts shelled peas. 3 quarts cold water. Pepper and salt.

1 tablespoonful butter. 1 teaspoonful flour.

Take old peas, which though not fit to serve as a vegetable, make the best kind of soup. Boil them in the water, slowly, for a long time - perhaps four hours until the peas are tender. Then mash them through a colander, also pouring the water through. By pouring the water a little at a time the pulp of the peas will pass through more readily. Leave nothing behind but the skins.

Return the now creamy broth to the fire. When it begins to boil, season. Rub the butter in the flour till smooth. Add it to the soup, which is now ready to serve. (If you have it, boil a ham-bone with the peas.) If you choose omit the butter, and instead boil with the peas one fourth of a pound of salt pork.

Corn Soup

12 ears of corn.

3 quarts water.

1 pint milk (or chicken broth.)

1 table spoonful butter. 1 teaspoonful flour. Pepper and salt.

Cut the corn from half the cobs, and grate it from the rest. Boil the cobs in the water till the water is reduced about one half; then strain, and return to the fire. Add the corn and milk. When it boils, put in the butter (rolled in the flour) and season. Boil all together twentyfive minutes, longer if the corn is old.

Oyster Soup

1 quart oysters. 1 cupful water. 1 quart milk.

2 tablespoonfuls butter. 1 tablespoonful flour. Salt, cayenne pepper and mace.

Strain the liquor from the oysters, and add the water. Put them in a double-boiler. When it begins to boil, add the milk. When this boils put in the butter (previously rubbed in the flour), then the oysters. As soon as they begin to look ruffled around the edges, set the kettle back on the stove till you can dish the soup. If it continues to boil, the oysters will become tough and hard. From three to five minutes will be long enough. Season just before serving, using very little salt.

Put one half a cup of oyster crackers in the tureen before pouring on the hot soup.

Clam Soup

1 quart clams (chopped fine). 1 quart milk and water (mixed). 1 cupful sliced raw potatoes. 1/4 of an onion (minced).

1/3 cupful butter.

1 tablespoonful flour.

Pepper and salt.

Allspice (if you like).

Boil together till tender the clams, milk, and vegetables (about three quarters of an hour), using also the clam liquor. Cut the butter in pieces, roll them in the flour,

and add with the seasoning when the clams are tender. Serve with a few oyster crackers in the tureen, or mix in rolled cracker crumbs if you like. The soup is good without either. Add milk if too thick.

Salt pork (one fourth of a pound) may be used instead of butter. In this case fry the onion in it in the soup-pot; then add the other things. When sufficiently boiled, thicken with the flour, season and serve.