Roast Veal

The best pieces to roast are the loin and fillet. The breast also is roasted. That and the fillet should be prepared like "Beef a la Mode," with incisions filled with stuffing, made with chopped pork. Veal should be well done, and requires a slow oven and a long time to cook. Heat gradually and allow twenty minutes to a pound. It is a great improvement to lay slices of pork over any kind of veal while cooking.

Serve roast veal with "Gravy." Spinach is the proper accompaniment to veal.

Stewed Breast Of Veal

Cut the meat into pieces of a size to help one to each person. In a deep pot fry several slices of salt pork. When crisp, remove them, and lay in the meat. Fry about half an hour, till all sides are brown. Then add the rind of a lemon, cut thin, a little sweet marjoram, and boiling water enough to barely cover the meat. Cover tight, and stew gently two hours. Dish the meat, and pour over it about one pint of the gravy, thickened with "Browned Flour."

Veal Cutlets Or Chops (Fried)

Fry slices of salt pork till crisp. Take out, and lay into the hot fat the cutlets egged-and-crumbed. Fry slowly (about half an hour) and take care that they do not burn. (Have plenty of fat.) When delicately browned, add salt and pepper, and dish. Do not spoil them by the addition of gravy. They should be crisp. Never wash meat for frying; it makes it tough. All it needs is to be wiped off with a cloth.

Veal Cutlets Or Chops (Broiled)

Trim the rib cutlets neatly, scraping the bone smooth. Broil slowly, as veal should be well done. Have slices of salt pork laid over the veal while cooking, or baste often with melted butter. Season as you serve them. Serve with "Tomato Sauce," if you like.

How To Prepare Sweet-Breads

Veal sweet-breads are best. They will not keep long. Soak them at once in cold water, for about one hour; then parboil them (about fifteen minutes) in salted, boiling water, after which put them into cold water again for a few minutes. This will make them firm and white. Remove the skin and little pipes, and put them in a very cool place until ready to cook them again.

Sweet-Breads (Broiled)

Prepare as above.

When cold and dry, cut them in two. Rub them in melted butter, and lay on a hot buttered gridiron over clear hot coals. Wet them frequently with melted butter, and turn them often to prevent their getting hard and dry. When nicely browned, season them, and serve hot.

Sweet-Breads (Fried)

When ready to cook, wipe dry and cut them in two. Lay a few slices of salt pork in a frying-pan. When crisp lay in the sweet-breads, previously egged-and-crumbed. Do not have the pan over too hot a fire, or they will not be cooked through. Turn them often till tender and brown.

Calf's Liver (Broiled)

Cut the liver into slices half an inch thick, and soak half an hour in cold salt water; broil over hot coals turning it often. When done, add salt and pepper. Lay it on a hot platter, with several bits of butter on top.

Calf's Liver (Fried)

Cut the liver into thick slices, and soak half an hour in cold salt water. Wipe it dry. Have ready in a frying-pan two or three large slices of salt pork fried crisp. Lay the liver in the pan, keeping it over the hottest part of the fire; and when brown on one side, turn it on the other. Cut into cubes while browning on the under side, and stir till every side is brown. When done add a very little salt and pepper. Put the liver on a hot platter, and add to the gravy in the frying-pan a cupful of boiling water, and the juice of a lemon (this may be omitted). Dredge flour into the boiling gravy, and stir while it thickens. Pour it over the liver, and serve.