Beef Soups

Bouillon - No. 2

Four pounds of beef, one kuckle of veal, one carrot, two small turnips, a sprig of celery, one very small red pepper pod, two small onions, salt, and six quarts of water; boil six hours, and strain through a sieve. Let stand over night and congeal. Serve hot. Ina Brown.

Bouillon - No. 3

To five pounds of beef cut in small pieces, add five quarts of cold water. Simmer slowly six hours. A large shank of beef broken twice across and once lengthwise is equally good. After boiling three hours slowly, add salt, black pepper, one tablespoon of allspice, two onions cut fine, one grated carrot, two stalks of celery, two tomatoes, half a dozen whole cloves. Boil slowly three hours longer, strain, and set away. Next day remove the fat and boil. Just before serving, add a little nutmeg and mace. Serve in bouillon cups. Lydia Mann.

Beef Tea

Take two pounds of lean rump of beef, remove every particle of fat, cut into small pieces and place in a tightly corked bottle. Place the bottle in a deep saucepan of cold water, reaching two-thirds of the way to the top of the bottle, place over a slow fire, and keep it boiling slowly for fifteen minutes, take out the bottle, pour out the liquor, and use as required.

Barley Broth

Put two pounds shin of beef in one gallon of water. Add a teacup of pearl barley, three large onions cut up fine, a small bunch of parsley minced, three potatoes sliced, a little thyme, and pepper and salt to taste. Simmer steadily three hours, and stir often, so that the meat will not burn. Do not let it boil. Always stir soup or broth with a wooden spoon.

Mrs. Lizzie Chandler.

Beef Broth

Cut an onion, a carrot, one turnip, one parsnip, and a stalk of celery into small dice. Fry them in butter and as soon as brown add two pounds of the rump of beef which has also been cut up very small, and fry. Wash half a cup of barley. Season with salt and pepper, and add two quarts of water. Boil two hours. Brown small squares of bread in the oven, and serve with the broth. Lucy Cooper.

Gumbo Soup With Stock

One shank of beef, crack the bone and put it in the pot, with just water enough to cover. A tablespoonful of salt, two onions chopped fine, and a little pepper. Let boil six hours; then take from fire, remove bone, and cut the beef fine. Return the beef to the pot add a tablespoonful of sugar, two tablespoonfuls of flour browned and mixed in butter, and four eggs boiled hard; cut in slices. Fraulein Hirsch.

Goulash (Hungarian Style)

This can be made of chicken, beef, or any meat desired. The easiest way is to take a quart of cold chicken stock, previously salted, a quart of cold water and two cups of boiled chicken meat cut into dice. Put into granite kettle and add one-half dozen fresh ripe tomatoes, six good-sized onions and let boil till all are tender. Then add salt and one-fourth teaspoonful of red pepper. Serve in soup dishes. To be eaten with toast.

Mrs. L. M. Miller.

Veal Soups

Veal Broth

Cut four pounds of scrag of veal into small pieces, and put into a stew-pan. Pour over three quarts of water, and place over the fire. Skim carefully. Add an onion, a turnip, three blades of mace, and a little salt. Stew all slowly for two hours. Then strain through a sieve and add a quarter of a pound of rice that has been boiled tender. Boil ten minutes more and serve. Mrs. H. Harrington.

Veal Soup

Cut up a shank of veal in small pieces, cook with two and a half quarts of water; when done, strain liquid off and wash kettle; put liquid back. Add pepper and salt to taste; set back.on stove; add one quart of sweet milk and one quart of rich cream; before serving stir in two eggs, beaten to a stiff froth. Mrs. A. M. Smith.

Mutton Soups

Mutton Broth (For Convalescents)

Place in a kettle three pounds of a neck of mutton from which the fat has been cut, and chopped into small pieces, with six pints of water.

Boil, skim, set the pan to the back of the stove, where it can simmer for an hour. Add three ounces of washed rice, with a turnip and some celery. Simmer for two hours. Strain, free from fat, add salt, and serve.

Mrs. Roth.

Mutton Broth - No. 2

Two pounds coarse, lean, chopped mutton; half an onion sliced; one cup of milk, half a cup of raw rice; two quarts of cold water; seasoning. Boil meat and onion slowly four hours; season, and set by until cold. Skim and strain. Return to the pot with the rice (previously soaked three hours). Simmer half an hour, turn in hot milk, stir and serve.

A. P. Skinner.

Scotch Broth

Boil four pounds of lean mutton in four quarts of water, stir into it half a pound of Scotch barley. Keep it well mixed until the water boils, and skim the surface carefully while simmering, as fast as the scum rises. Cut up a couple of carrots, a turnip and an onion; add these, with a quart of green peas, a few sprigs of parsley, and a dessert-spoonful of pepper and salt, mixed. The vegetables should not be allowed to boil a longer time than is required to cook them. Scotch broth may be made of beef or veal. Margaret Turnbull.