Boiled Beef

Boiled Beef Tongue

Clean three fresh tongues and place in a kettle with just enough water to cover and one cup of salt; add more water as it evaporates, so as to keep the tongues covered until done - when they can be easily pierced with a fork; take out and if to be served at once remove the skin. If wanted for future use, do not peel until needed. If salt tongues are used, soak over night and omit the salt when boiling. Mrs. A. R.

Boiled Beef With Cabbage (German Style)

Take one head of cabbage, and after removing all soiled and bruised leaves, cut in sections lengthwise, making about eight or nine pieces, leaving the piece of heart attached to each piece to hold it together. Place in the kettle on top of beef which has been boiling some time; let all boil together for one hour. Salt to taste and add a little pepper, if liked. Lift out the meat, let the cabbage boil a few moments longer in the beef broth and send it to the table in a vegetable dish. Mrs. O. T. Learned.


Tenderloins Stuffed With Oysters

Take two large tenderloins, split them, season with pepper and salt. Make a dressing of pint of oysters, teacup of cracker crumbs; season with salt, pepper, and celery-salt; spread one tenderloin with dressing putting the other one-half of tenderloin on top, then spread the top thick with dressing; tie together with string, bake as you would a chicken, baste often; very fine. Belle Foster.

Tenderloin With Mush Rooms

Roast the tenderloin in the usual way. When taken from the oven lay on platter, slice thin but lay all together as though it had not been sliced and pour over a mushroom cream sauce. Serve at once.

Ione Lester.

Creamed Dried Beef

Creamed Dried Beef (Fit For A Prince)

Pick in small pieces one-fourth of a pound of thinly-cut rather moist dried beef and brown in a little butter. When brown pour in it a coffee-cup of milk and cream. Let it come to a boil and slightly thicken with a little butter and flour creamed together. When it boils, pour it over a platter of golden brown toast and serve it at once. Mrs. M.

Dried Beef Creamed - No. 2

Shave the beef thin, put it in a stew-pan, adding one-half of a teacup of cold water. Let it come to a boil, and if the beef is pretty salt pour off the water and add milk sufficient for a meal, a piece of butter and some pepper. Take cream, a full tablespoonful of flour, stir to a smooth paste, and add gradually to the beef, stirring till it thickens. It is a very nice breakfast dish. Mrs. Mary Hilton.

Beef Loaf

Take two pounds of beef chopped fine and add eight large soda crackers rolled. Moisten with hot water, then add one-half a cup of sweet milk, one egg and a pinch of sage. Season with salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. Make into a loaf and place in a baking pan with two strips of bacon and a lump of butter; cook slowly an hour and one-half. Mrs. M. McDuffie.

Beef Loaf - No. 2

Two pounds chopped round steak, one slice chopped salt pork, one teacup browned bread-crumbs, one and one-half cups milk, one egg, piece of butter size of an egg, salt well and season with onion, mace, spice, etc., to suit individual taste. Bake about one hour in baking pan. A nutritious and economical dish. Will serve eight person. Eat either hot or cold.

Esther Haight.

Beef Kidney

Kidney Tortilla

Four eggs, two kidneys, one dessert-spoonful of chopped parsley, one dessert-spoonful of chopped onion, one-half of a teacupful of stock, a tablespoonful of butter, one-half of a teacupful of milk, two tablespoonfuls of butter.

Cut the kidneys in rather thin slices and stew them with the parsley, onion, and one tablespoonful of butter in the stock until they are tender.

Break the eggs and beat them with the milk and a little pepper and salt; warm the extra butter in a saute pan and pour in the eggs, shaking to prevent burning; when browned on one side, place the tortilla on a dish with the kidneys and seasoning in the center. Fold over the tortilla and serve. Mrs. Martha Kellar.

Kidneys With Mushroom Catsup

Cut a beef kidney into very thin slices, flour them and fry a light brown. When done, remove from the pan, pour off the fat, adding a small piece of butter, one-quarter of a pint of boiling water, pepper, salt, and a tablespoonful of mushroom catsup. Boil the gravy up once, pour over the kidney and serve. Mrs. Dalliber.

Kidney Stew

It will take three kidneys which must be cut lengthwise into three pieces. Wash these well and dry, wiping them very carefully. Warm three tablespoonfuls of butter in a saucepan; put in the kidneys before this is really hot, with very little mace, and pepper and salt to taste, one teaspoonful of chopped onion, and a cupful of good brown gravy. Simmer all together, closely covered, about ten minutes. Add the juice of one-half of a lemon and a pinch of grated lemon peel; take up the kidneys and lay upon a hot dish, with fried or toasted bread underneath. Thicken the gravy with browned flour, boil up once, pour over all, and serve.

Mrs. Josephine Knox.