Before retiring the hair should be well brushed. A stiff brush is best for this purpose, as it penetrates the hair and causes a healthy reaction and stimulation of the scalp, and the hair follicles thus have a tendency to keep the hair from falling out and prevent the common disease of the sebaceous glands, called dandruff. The care of the hair includes a shampoo -once a week with good, pure soap, German green soap being the best; then it must be rinsed well and quickly dried. D. P.

Harmonious Colors For Red Hair

Auburn hair of itself is beautiful, but one rarely meets an auburn-haired girl who knows just what color suits her best. The girl whose hair is of any shade of so-called red must never, under any circumstances, wear pink, red or bright yellow. Those colors will only accentuate the reds in her hair and the contrast is exceedingly unbecoming.

She may, however, wear golden browns and plenty of them. These will bring out the ruddy gold tints of her hair. She may also wear light and dark shades of blue and green, dark purple, gray, white and lavender with a blue cast. And when properly dressed, the red-haired girl is a real beauty. O. G.

How To Make The Hair Grow

The following remedy is excellent, as everyone who has tried it can testify. Have it put up at the drug-store. Seventy-five grains of beta napthol, seventy-five grains of hydrarg ammon, two ounces of lano-line and ungt. aqua Rosal in equal parts. Mix and apply to scalp after each shampoo. Dr. M. Bush.

How To Cleanse The Hair And Scalp

A noted lecturer on hygiene gave me this recipe and I have found it very satisfactory: Into a pint bottle put a spoonful of olive oil and add two ounces of best spirits of ammonia or hartshorn; shake. Then mix with three ounces of alcohol, and, when thoroughly mixed, fill the bottle with soft water. Remember to put in the ingredients in the order named or you will have "stuff" and no chemical union at all.

To apply, take a spoonful or two of this, with a little warm water; dip a sponge or rag in and wet the scalp thoroughly, now rinse off in plenty of warm water and you will be surprised at the amount of dirt, though you may have thought your head perfectly clean. For the heads of young infants it is just the thing, as it instantly removes the scurf which sometimes troubles them, without pain or trouble. It should be weaker for a babe than for an adult. Mrs. E. M. Voorhees.

How To Arrest Falling Hair

Scalp massage will arrest falling hair almost immediately. Be sure to get the treatment from someone who understands her profession. Improper massage is worse than none. L. B.

Hair Strengthener

A preparation that has been in use many years and has been proved efficacious for strengthening the roots of the hair is made by taking a pint of bay rum, one-half pint of clear alcohol, one-half ounce of castor oil, one-quarter of an ounce of carbonate ammonia, one-half ounce of tincture of cantharides. They must be thoroughly mixed. Excellent to promote the growth of the hair. S. P

Hair Dressing

A nice dressing for the hair is cold tea. Use it every day and a head of glossy, luxuriant hair will result. Black tea is the best. M. P.

Hair Tonic

A splendid tonic for the hair is made of one ounce of glycerine, one-quarter of a pint of eau de cologne (strongest), one fluid drachm of liquor of ammonia (880-882), one-half fluid drachm each of oil of origanum, oil of rosemary and one fluid ounce of tincture of cantharides. Briskly agitate them together for eight or ten minutes, then add one-half pint of camphor-julep (strongest). Electricity, properly applied, will often do wonders toward restoring vitality to the hair. M.

Grooming The Hair

A writer in one of our journals advances a new idea with reference to the way in which thin hair should be "groomed," as they say in Paris, to induce the growth and thickening. It is merely brushing the hair the wrong way and is done as described below. It is said to be more beneficial than a tonic.

Carefully divide the hair into many small parts and then, with a huge and stiff brush begin the work. H-olding the extreme end of the strand to be brushed in the left hand, start at the bottom of it and brush upward toward the head. After each strand has gone through this process smooth each hair back into its original position. Follow this up and brush the hair in this manner each night and morning. It serves as a stimulant to the sickly hair. Frances Samuels.

Head Shampoo

Beat the whites of two eggs to a froth, rub well into the roots of the hair Leave on to dry. Then wash the head clean with equal parts of rum and rose water. Rinse in clean, soft water. F. C.