Take one-half of a package of macaroni, break into pieces two inches in length. Simmer twenty minutes in plenty of salted water. Drain, then put a layer in the bottom of a buttered baking-dish, then upon this put a thin layer of grated cheese and bits of butter, then another layer of macaroni and so on till dish is full, leaving the cheese layer on top; sprinkle with cracker crumbs. Pour over the whole a cupful of cream or milk and bake a golden brown. A. M. P.

Cheese (German)

Three quarts milk, salt, caraway seed.

The milk must be fresh and rich. Put each quart in a separate dish; after it has thickened remove the cream and prepare it as for cottage cheese, drain it well to separate it from all the whey. When this is done take a granite colander, sprinkle the bottom with salt and caraway seed, on this put a layer of curds (one quart), next one of cream, again salt and caraway seed and one of curds until all is used up. The last layer must be of curds; let it stand two or three days, then turn out and serve.


Mother's Cream Cheese

Scald the quantity of milk desired, let cool a trifle, then add the rennet (see directions on the packages of "Prepared Rennet"). When the curd is formed take out without breaking and lay on a cheese-cloth supported on all sides so that it will drain; and then put it under a light press for one hour; now break the curd gently with the fingers into small pieces, put in a cloth and press for an hour; take out, rub with fine salt, let lie on a board for an hour, and wash in cold water; then let drain, and in a day or two the skin will look dry; put some sweet grass under and over and it will soon ripen. E. M. C.

Chicago Cheese Straws

Roll some puff paste very thin, sprinkle over with grated cheese, fold, roll out, and sprinkle again; then repeat the process and place on the ice to harden. When cold roll out to an oblong flat one-eight of an inch thick, place it on a baking sheet and, with a knife, cut into strips five inches long and less than one-quarter of an inch wide. Bake and serve piled in triangles or squares. M. L. C.

Sage Cheese

Pound the tops of fresh young sage leaves with the same quantity of spinach leaves, and squeeze out the juice. Add this to some extract of rennet and stir into the milk a sufficient quantity to suit the taste. When the curd comes, break, salt it, put into the vat, press for a few hours, take out of press and then rub and turn the cheese every day for two weeks.

E. A. M.