How To Kill Corns

Soak bread in vinegar, bind on day and night and they will come out by the roots. S. T. N.

How To Cure Corns - Remedy No. 2

The best remedy for a hard corn is to remove it. The usual method of cutting, or of paring a corn away is erroneous. The following is the right way: Cut with a sharp pair of pointed scissors around the circumference of the corn. Work gradually round and round toward the center. When you have loosened well the edges you can either with your fingers or with a pair of forceps, generally remove the corn bodily and that without pain and the loss of any blood. This plan of treating a corn I can recommend to you as being most effectual. Dr. John Smith.


Catarrh Cure

One drachm of golden seal powder, one quart of hot water, one tea-spoonful of common salt, one teaspoonful of white borax, ten drops of weak carbolic acid. Mix and stand one hour. Then take a one-ounce bottle of liquid and pass through nostril; repeat same amount through other nostril. Dr. M. A. Rush.

Catarrh Remedy

Two ounces of powdered cubebs, two ounces of chamoline blows.

Mix well together. Put a small portion into a clean pipe, smoke and draw the smoke back through the nose, three or four times daily.

Dr. John.


Cough Syrup - Fine

One ounce each of hoarhound and licorice, two ounces of gum arabic, one pint of molasses and one teacupful of vinegar. Boil the hoarhound in one quart of water; dissolve the licorice and gum arabic in a little water first. Strain the hoarhound before adding- the other ingredients Do not put in the vinegar until it is nearly done. Dr. Samuel Rogers.

A Sure Cough Cure

Three-eighths of an ounce of anise seed, three-eighths of an ounce of stick (or root) licorice three-eighths of an ounce of senna leaf and one-half pint of Jamaica rum. Pour one pint of boiling water on the herbs and let them simmer slowly, down to one-half pint. Then strain and when cool add one-half pint of best syrup and one-half of a pint of rum. Take as often as required. This recipe has been in our family for years and has never failed. Myra Town.


Relief For Cholera

One ounce of essence of peppermint, one ounce of laudunum, one ounce of spirits of camphor, one ounce of spiced rhubarb, one teaspoonful of cayenne pepper. Dose: One-half teaspoonful as often as required to relieve pain. M. C.

Cholera Infantum

It is asserted by a physician that a flannel bandage saturated with alcohol and bound around a baby's bowels when suffering with cholera infantum is excellent. L. B.

Cholera Infantum

For cholera infantum, the white of two eggs, well beaten; then mix with water; add one teaspoonful of orange-flower water and a little sugar; a tablespoonful every hour. It will, says an authority, cure the worst case of cholera infantum, the egg coating the bowels. P. H.

Nose Bleed

Snuffing up powdered alum will generally control troublesome bleeding from the nose. It will also almost always stop excessive hemorrhage from a cavity caused by the extraction of a tooth, by being placed in it.

The best remedy for bleeding at the nose, as given by Dr. Gleason in one of his lectures, is in the vigorous motion of the jaws, as if in the act of mastication. In the case of a child a wad of paper should be placed in its mouth and the child should be instructed to chew it hard. It is the motion of the jaws that stops the flow of blood. This remedy is so very simple that many will feel inclined to laugh at it, but it has never been known to fail in a single instance, even in very severe cases. E. H.

How To Cure Nose Bleed - Remedy No. 2

Unless it is violent, do not interfere with a bleeding from the nose. A bleeding from the nose is frequently an effort of Nature to relieve itself, and unless it is likely to weaken the patient, ought not to be restrained. If it is necessary to restrain the bleeding, press the nose firmly between the finger and thumb for a few minutes, this alone will often stop the bleeding; if it should not, then try what bathing the nose, forehead and nape of the neck with water quite cold from the well, will do, or try the effect of a solution of alum.

Felon Cure

Apply a poultice of raw onions three times a day and four days will effect a cure. E. G.

Felon Cure - No. 2

The first symptoms of felon: The person imagines there is a briar in the inner covering of the bone, usually at the last joint of the finger. Then comes a slight swelling, intense heat and throbbing. Remedy: Apply a soft cloth saturated with tincture of stramonium (generally known as jimson weed). Bind on with neatly laid bandage. This will prevent any further progress of the felon. M. H. P. Crandall.