Excellent Cream For The Complexion

A cream that is perfectly harmless, so harmless, indeed, that mothers need not hesitate to rub it on infants' faces, has the juice of strawberries as a principal ingredient. The formula is:

One-half ounce of white wax, one-half ounce of spermaceti, two and one-half ounces of oil of sweet almonds, three-fourths of an ounce of strawberry juice, three drops of tincture of benzoin, two drops of oil of rose.

Be sure that your druggist gives you only one-half ounce of the wax and of the spermaceti. More than this will make the emollient hard and crumbly. The correct amount will give you a cream of perfect consistency. Take large, fresh strawberries, wash and drain thoroughly. Macerate and strain through muslin. Shave the wax and spermaceti and put in a porcelain kettle over a slow fire. When they have melted add the almond oil. Heat slightly, remove from fire and pour in the strawberry juice. Fluff up quickly with an egg beater. When the mixture begins to cream add the benzoin and the perfume. Put into little jars and keep in a cool place. Apply at any time. Excellent for tan, sunburn, or rough skin. L. C.

The Complexion

The most perfect form will avail woman little unless it possesses also that brightness which is the finishing touch and final polish of a beautiful lady.

Blessed is the woman who has a clear complexion. She little knows how much she has to be thankful for, and since these women are very scarce it behooves the rest of us to make up by the care we take of our complexion where nature has slighted us.

The principal source of a bad complexion in otherwise healthy women is generally caused by comedos, commonly called flesh worms. This is specifically a disease of puberty and consequently self-limited. These are affections of the sebaceous glands of the skin and consequently can be prevented by keeping it in a healthy condition, which can be done by following these instructions.

Comedones should be extracted by the aid of a watch key or a comedo extractor, which can be bought for the purpose. Pimples should be opened with a fine, thoroughly clean needle and the purulent contents expressed, after which the face must be shampooed with either the alkaline spirit of soap of hebra, which can be obtained in any drug store, or the plain, genuine green soap or saigo fluid soap.

The process of shampooing should be thorough. One should spend ten minutes over a basin of water as hot as can be borne lathering every particle of the skin, then it should be well rinsed in clean, hot water and after thorough friction of the surface and perfectly drying the same with a soft towel.

When the skin is harsh, dry and prematurely shows signs of wrinkles it is generally a sign that the skin is not well nourished, in which case after shampooing as directed above, a towel ought to be wrung out of water as hot as can be borne, folded in three or four thicknesses and applied over the face, pressing it close against the eyes and skin and allowed to remain a few minutes in order to draw the blood to the surface and open the pores of the skin, then the skin should be fed by thoroughly anointing it with cold cream, cocoa butter or olive oil.

To prevent the cracking of the hands and wrists and to keep the hands soft in the severest weather, they ought to be soaked in hot water, completely and thoroughly dried over the stove or register and anointed with camphor ice.

Glycerine ought never to be used alone, only in lotions, as it has a tendency to make the skin harsh and dry.

Sufficient Time For Eating (From "The Pilgrim")

Julia Holmes Smith, M. D., in "Hints for Right Living," says: "We should give more time to the ingestion of our food; good humor should be cultivated and the hour spent at the table dedicated to the goddess of leisure, although unfortunately the habits of American life make us echo Jean Ingelow's plaint:

'If leisure is, but ah, 't is not,

The fashion of it man forgot

About the days of chivalry.'

"At the table the family should early be trained to avoid all unpleasant themes, even the criticism of the children's table habits should be reserved for an aftermath. Many a child's appetite is spoiled by the sharp tone of the mother, 'Hold your fork straight and don't bite your teaspoon.' It should be the object of each and all to get in if possible a good bit of fun, for, 'A hearty laugh aideth digestion.'

"The housewife who keeps her trials to retail to her husband at mealtimes, and the man who brings home business anxieties, which he impertinently intrudes, sin not alone against propriety, but against hygiene as well; because anxiety, sorrow, or sudden shock are known to have a very serious effect upon digestion, acting through a curious little nerve center called the solar plexus, which lies just back of the stomach and sends its tendrils to almost all parts of the digestive system. It is difficult to find the filaments of this plexus even with the microscope and yet so important is it in our organism that Virchow, the great German authority, called this solar plexus the abdominal brain, since it acts through the sympathetic nervous system upon almost every part of the organism."