Fillings For Layer Cakes

Nut Filling

Beat the whites of two eggs, one tablespoonful of powdered sugar to an egg, one cupful of chopped hickory or any nuts; frost the top with plain frosting and lay on the nuts whole. Lavinia Graves.

Orange Pineapple Filling

Grate three oranges, rind and pulp, take out seeds and add one cupful of grated pineapple. Beat the whites of two eggs to a stiff froth, stir into oranges and pineapple and sweeten to taste. Spread thickly between layers. Emily.

Heather Filling

Boil one and one-half cupfuls of granulated sugar with six tablespoonfuls of water until it drops from the spoon in threads. Have ready beaten the white of one egg and pour the syrup slowly into it, beating all the time; flavor with extract of almonds. Spread between layers while warm and sprinkle each layer thickly with dessicated cocoanut. Ice the top in the same manner and sprinkle cocoanut all over the cake.

Mrs. L. P. M.

Chocolate Filling

Beat together thoroughly the whites of two eggs with enough confectioners' or powdered sugar to make a rather soft frosting (about one and one-half cupfuls), then stir into it one square of chocolate, previously melted. Beat all well together before using. Lida M. Smith.

Orange Filling

Take the juice of a large, ripe orange. Beat sugar with it till of consistence to spread. Stir till it is smooth and creamy; add a teaspoonful of the yolk of an egg. This amount should cover three layers.

Mrs. G. Pope.

Caramel Filling

One cupful of brown sugar, one cupful of sweet milk, butter the size of an egg; boil till thick and flavor with vanilla. This must be spread on the cake before the filling is cold. May Lester.

Chocolate Filling - No. 2

Take one pound of Baker's cocoa to four pounds of white sugar; mix thoroughly with cold water to a thin paste. Put over fire and stir till smooth. Let it cool. For layer cake this must be made quite thick.

Mrs. Louise Cole.

Chocolate Filling - No. 3. (Uncooked)

Melt one-quarter of a cake of chocolate in one-quarter of a cupful of hot water; stir in confectioners' sugar till thick enough to spread. Keep warm, but do not boil. Add a teaspoonful of vanilla extract. Stir till smooth. This will answer for three layers. Mrs. Julia Hoffman.

Fig Filling

Take a cupful of figs, cut into small pieces and put into a granite pan on the stove; pour over them one-fourth of a teacupful of water and add one-half cupful of sugar. Cook all together until it will hair from the spoon. Spread between layers of cake. C. A. M.

Fruit Filling

Four tablespoonfuls of chopped citron, four tablespoonfuls of chopped seeded raisins, one-half cupful of blanched almonds, chopped fine, also four tablespoonful of finely-chopped figs; boil three minutes in three tablespoonfuls of sugar dissolved in water. Beat the white of one egg to a stiff froth, then mix thoroughly into this the whole of the chopped ingredients. Put it between the layers of cake when hot. S. T. O.

Banana, Peach Or Pineapple Filling

Cut bananas into thin slices and sweeten; prepare a cream by thoroughly sweetening and whipping. Put a layer of fruit between the layers of cake and pour cream over each layer and over the top. C. I. A.

Apple Filling

Peel and slice tart, ripe apples, put them on the fire with sugar to suit; when tender, remove, rub them, beat thoroughly and add a small piece of butter. When cold, spread between the layers. Cover the cake with icing. R. A. P.

Layer Cakes

Prairie Cake (Excellent)

One cupful of molasses, one-half cupful of brown sugar, one-half cupful of melted butter, one teaspoonful each of cloves and cinnamon, two teaspoonfuls of soda in one cupful of boiling water, two and one-half cup-fuls of flour, yolks of four eggs well beaten and added last; for filling take ten tablespoonfuls of boiling water and two cupfuls of sugar; boil until it will hair, and pour over the beaten whites of four eggs and one cupful of chopped and seeded raisins; mix and spread at once over layers and on top. Try it. Mrs. I. H. Hoffman.

Dandy Ohio Cake

Two cupfuls of sugar, not quite two-thirds of a cupful of butter, three cupfuls of flour, one cupful of sweet milk, three eggs and three teaspoon-fuls of baking-powder; when mixed put two-thirds of the mixture in two tins; to the remaining one-third add three tablespoonfuls of molasses, one-fourth of a teaspoonful of cloves, one-half teaspoonful of cinnamon and one cupful of raisins, seeded and chopped. Bake this in third tin. Put the three layers together with the dark in the center with frosting between and on top.


In mixing, put together the usual way, except reserve one-half cupful of flour till the last and in it stir the baking-powder, adding a very little pinch of salt. Mrs. M. E. St. Clair.

Illinois Cake

Five eggs, two cupfuls of sugar, one cupful of butter, two teaspoon-fuls of baking-powder, three cupfuls of flour and one cupful of milk; flavor with vanilla.


One cupful of sugar and enough water to dissolve the sugar; put in a pan and let it simmer on the stove until it candies. Then chop fine one cupful of seedless raisins. Stir them in the candied sugar, beat two eggs to a froth and, last of all, stir them in; flavor slightly with vanilla. Spread as you would other filling. This makes two small cakes. One-half the amount will be sufficient for most families.

Mrs. Minerva Lane.

Minnehaha Cake

Take one and one-half cupfuls of granulated sugar, one-quarter of a cupful of butter, one-half cupful of milk, two cupfuls of flour, two tea-spoonfuls of baking-powder, the whites of six eggs beaten thoroughly. For filling use one cupful of stoned raisins, one cupful of hickory nut meats, chopped fine, one cupful of sugar. Cover these with water and boil down until thick enough to spread on cake. Mrs. H. P. Jones.