Fried Eggs

Put a good quantity of oil or butter into a shallow pan, and when it boils break the eggs carefully into it and fry till the whites are crisp; serve on a platter and trim with parsley. J. O. Roberts.

Fried Eggs And Tomatoes

Break six eggs gently into a pan with plenty of butter and fry until the whites are crisp. Cut six tomatoes in halves and fry them in the butter. Lay them in a dish, sprinkle with pepper and salt, and lay the eggs over them. Serve them very hot. J. E. Taber.

Egg Toast

Butter the toast and pour over it a sauce made of milk thickened with flour and seasoned with butter, pepper and salt; add the whites of eggs chopped fine, then grate the yolks over the top. Mrs. J. M. Stone.

Eggs On Toast

Put two quarts of water over the fire, and when it comes to a gentle boil add one-half teaspoonful of salt. Break in six eggs, taking care not to injure the yolks. Let them cook for five minutes. Have some toasted bread, slightly buttered, on a hot platter. Remove the eggs from the water with a skimmer and lay them on the toast and serve hot.

Mrs. Sara Cook.

Creamed Eggs

Royal Creamed Eggs

Boil six eggs and cut in slices. Make a sauce by creaming one level tablespoonful of butter with two and one-half tablespoonfuls of flour and adding one pint of cream or cream and milk; let boil three minutes. Mix in thoroughly a teaspoonful of salt and one shake of pepper. In a granite basin put a layer of cream, then a layer of eggs; another layer of cream, and so on. Sprinkle rolled cracker over the top, dot with pieces of butter and brown in the oven. Mrs. A. Cavanaugh.

Creamed Eggs - No. 2

To five or six eggs that have been well whipped to a froth add gradually one-half pint of cream, and, while mixing add a teaspoonful of salt. Butter a mold and pour in the mixture. It may be baked gently in the oven till set, or placed over a pan of boiling water. When turned out of the mold, a rich brown gravy should be poured round it.

Mrs. Fannie Smith.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard-Boiled Eggs Served Cold

Six eggs, salad oil, vinegar. Boil the eggs for ten minutes, throw them into cold water and take off the shells. Serve them whole, or cut into slices, with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. C. E. Lamb.

Hard-Boiled Eggs And Giblet Sauce

Eggs that have been boiled hard may be cut in two the long way of the egg. Place them on a platter and pour over them a sauce made of chicken giblets or else some left-over turkey gravy. J. E. Town.

Fricasseed Eggs

Two tablespoonfuls of butter, one tablespoonful of flour, a sprig of parsley, one-half dozen minced mushrooms, one-half pint white stock (veal or chicken), one-half dozen hard-boiled eggs (sliced). Put the butter into the chafing dish; when melted add flour (stirring constantly), parsley cut fine, mushrooms and stock. Simmer five minutes and add eggs; boil up once and serve hot. Kate Ray.

Potted Eggs

Take the yolks of six hard-boiled eggs, one ounce of butter, one tea-spoonful of anchovy sauce, a little salt and cayenne pepper. Pound the eggs and butter well together in a mortar, then add the salt and cayenne pepper, and lastly the anchovy sauce. Honora McGrath.


Tortilla With French Beans

Cook a cup of French beans till tender, drain them; warm two table-spoonfuls of butter in a saute pan and fry the beans. Season with salt and pepper. Beat four eggs and pour them into the pan. Bake it till they are set and one side begins to color. Turn the tortilla with a plate and let the other side set. Serve hot. Mrs. Geo. Roth.

Tortilla With Parsley

Beat nine eggs well and add a tablespoonful of chopped parsley, a teaspoonful of chopped onion, and a little pepper and salt; melt three ounces of butter in a saute pan, and make three separate tortillas with the eggs, using one-third of the melted butter for each one; roll them tightly and cut each in half; cover with egg and bread-crumbs; put the rest of the butter in the pan and when boiling fry the tortillas brown. Serve with plenty of fried parsley. Mrs. Nathan Hoffman.

Sweetmeat Tortilla

Take four eggs, one ounce of apricot or pineapple preserve, three tablespoonfuls of butter. Warm the butter in a saute pan; beat separately the whites and the yolks of the eggs, mix them gently together, add the preserve and beat them again; pour the mixture into the butter and brown it lightly on one side, turn it with a plate and brown the other side; the pan must be kept moving to prevent sticking. Mrs. H. O. Lane.