Fried Oysters

Mother's Recipe For Frying Oysters

Put plenty of butter in a frying-pan and let it get real hot before you begin frying. Beat up well as many eggs as you judge you will need; dip the oysters therein, one by one, then roll them very lightly in cracker crumbs, then drop them in the hot butter. They will brown nicely before the oysters cook too much. Letitia Buzley.

Fried Oysters - No. 2

Select fine, large oysters, dry them out of their own liquor. Have ready a plate of eggs and a plate of bread-crumbs. Lay them in the egg a few minutes, and then roll them in the bread-crumbs, allowing them to remain in these also, for a minute or two; this will make them adhere, and not come off as a skin, when in the pan. Fry in half butter and half lard, in order to give them a rich brown. Make it very hot before putting the oysters in. Mrs. R. Hathaway.

Broiled Oysters

Philadelphia Broiled Oysters

Take large oysters and strain through a colander, put juice on fire until it comes to a boil, then skim; melt some butter and brown it, then thicken with flour and brown together, then add the juice with a little water, to make sufficient gravy to soak the toast; wipe the oysters dry and broil on a broiler; mix with gravy and spread over the toast.

Mrs. L. Brown.

Broiled Oysters

Take a dozen large oysters, roll lightly in bread-crumbs, place them on a fine wire oyster broiler, baste with butter, and brown lightly over a very hot fire, season thoroughly, and serve on toast with celery sauce.

Mrs. Huldah Jenks.

Oyster Patties

Roll out puff paste a quarter of an inch thick, cut it into squares, cover ten patty pans, and put on each a crust of bread the size of a walnut. Roll out another layer of paste the same thickness, cut as above, wet edge of the bottom paste and put on top; pare them, so the edges will be even, notch them with the back of the knife, rub them lightly with the yolk of an egg, and bake them in a hot oven about a quarter of an hour. When done slice very thin off the top, remove the bread and the inside paste.


Parboil two dozen oysters in their own liquor, after boiling it down to half, cut the oysters in halves, put them in a pan with an ounce of butter rolled in flour, half a gill of cream and a little salt. Stir this mixture over the fire five minutes, fill the patties, put the cover on, and serve hot. Mrs. George Bonham.

Filling For Oyster Patties - No. 2

Mix well together two tablespoons of butter, two tablespoons of flour, then pour half a pint of oyster liquor and one-half a pint of cream into the butter and flour. Beat and add the yolks of two eggs. Warm the oysters in their own liquor, and add them to the mixture just before they are to be used in the patties. Mrs. L. Cleveland.

Oyster Stew

Oyster Stew (Milk Or Cream)

Drain the liquor from two quarts of oysters; mix with the liquor a small teacupful of hot water, add a little salt and pepper and set it over the fire in a saucepan. Let it boil up, then skim; wash the oysters, put them in the hot liquor, let them come to a boil, and when they "ruffle" add one tablespoonful of butter. The instant it is melted and well-stirred in, put in a pint of boiling milk and take the saucepan from the fire. Serve hot with oyster crackers. Mrs. E. C. Kellog.

Oyster Stew (Plain)

Same as above, using only oyster liquor and more water instead of milk or cream. H. F. L.

Creamed Oysters

Creamed Oysters On Toast

Take one dozen select oysters and wash them until perfectly free from pieces of shell, put them in a saucepan, strain the liquor, pour it over, place the pan at the side of the fire and let it simmer gently for a few minutes until the oysters plump up. Remove the oysters with a skimmer and put them on a warm dish in the oven; add to the liquor one teacupful of cream and salt and pepper to taste. Place the pan on the fire; when the liquor boils add two tablespoonfuls of butter into which has been stirred one teaspoonful of flour. When creamy put in the oysters and remove the pan from the fire. Have ready some pieces toasted bread nicely buttered; put the oysters on them, pour over the cream and serve very hot.

Marion Witte.

Creamed Oysters - No. 2

Beard one pint fresh oysters, boil them in their own liquor until plump, drain, and pour over them this sauce: To one-half tablespoon of butter, melted, add one large tablespoon flour; cook a few minutes, then stir in slowly one cup of hot cream or milk; season with pepper, salt and one-half teaspoon celery salt. Pour over hot buttered toast.

Mrs. C. I. Brown.