Pickled Chicken

Boil four chickens till meat falls from bones. Put meat in a stone jar and pour over it three pints of good cold cider-vinegar and a pint and one-half of the water in which they were boiled. Add spices and let stand two days. This is a fine dish for luncheon, or for Sunday evening tea. Mary Bonner.

Escalloped Chicken

To a pint of boiling hot cream add one tablespoon of flour, mix until smooth; season with pepper and salt; scatter a few bread-crumbs in dish, then a layer of seasoned chicken cut as for salad, then a layer of cream dressing; put two layers each, then bread-crumbs and small pieces of butter on top. Mrs. Minnie Amphlett.

Creamed Chicken

See Chapter on "Chafing Dishes."

Chicken Gulash (Delicious)

This is a Hungarian dish. I first tasted of it in Budapest but the first mouthful convinced me it was one of the nicest ways of serving chicken I ever knew. Boil the fowl in the usual way. When tender take out, remove the bones and put bones back into the liquor; cook thirty minutes and remove bones. Cut chicken in small bits or cubes (except the liver, heart and gizzard - reserve these for other uses). Put chicken in liquor, add one-half can of tomatoes or six whole ones, six onions, salt, pepper, speck of sugar, and butter, and stew until done. Have ready one dozen slices of buttered toast. Pour over toast in soup tureen. Serve hot.

Irene S.

Chicken Patties

Mince fine cold chicken that has been roasted or boiled. Season with pepper and salt, and minced parsley and onion. Moisten with chicken gravy or cream; fill scalloped shells with the mixture. First, line the shells with pastry. Sprinkle grated cracker over the top of each pattie.

Put a bit of butter on each; bake in a hot oven till brown.

Amy Wilcox.

Broiled Chicken On Toast

The finest way to prepare real young chicken is to dress and split them down the back. Remove the entrails, wash and wipe. Lay on granite pan in hot oven till thoroughly heated through, then put on broiler and place over live coals. Let thoroughly cook, turning often so as not burn. When done put in pan again, season with salt, pepper and butter and put in oven three minutes. Put small slices of buttered toast on platter, put chicken on toast, add one-half cup of cream to pan, thicken a trifle, pour over chicken and serve. Mrs. L. M.

Chicken Croquettes

Take any kind of cold fowl, cut up fine, season with salt, pepper and butter, a little onion if desired and stir in two fresh eggs. Make in cakes, dip in beaten egg, then in cracker crumbs and fry in boiling lard or lard and butter mixed, or better, still, in Ko-nut. The latter is a vegetable oil perfectly healthy and fries a golden brown without easily burning.

Cep Chicken Salad

See Chapter on "Salads Made of Meat, Fish and Shell-Fish," Part I.

Curried Chicken

Slice an onion and brown in a little butter, adding a spoonful of curry-powder. Let remain covered a few minutes to cook. Add more butter, and put in the cold chicken previously cut up very small. Thicken with a little flour. F. V. Varley.