Fried Ham And Eggs

Cut slices of ham very thin, trim off the rind, put into a hot frying-pan cooking until crisp. Place on a hot platter; pour off some of the grease, then carefully break the eggs separately in a saucer so that no bad be cooked and slip each egg gently into the frying-pan. Do not turn them while frying, but gently tilt the pan so that the hot lard will be over them all. Cook about three minutes; the white must retain its transparency so that the yolk can be seen thought it. Lay a fried egg upon each slice of the ham, and serve hot. Mrs. M. F. Thommessen.

Boiled Ham

Select the sweetest and best, wipe with a coarse cloth, then soak for an hour in cold water, to extract some of the salt. Cover with cold water, place over the fire and let it come to a moderate boil, keeping it steadily at this point. In cooking allow twenty minutes for each pound of meat. If the ham is to be served hot remove the skin, place on a platter, the fat side up, and stick in some whole cloves. If served cold, allow it to remain in the kettle until the water in which it was cooked becomes cold. This makes it more juicy. H. O. C.

Maryland Baked Ham

Place a medium-sized ham in a pot and cover with sweet cider. Let it simmer gently for three and one-half hours. Skim frequently to remove the grease as it rises. When tender take out and remove the rind; outline the fat on top into diamonds and in each diamond stick a clove; now rub over the top of the ham one-half of a cupful of maple sirup, place in the oven and bake slowly for forty-five minutes. Garnish and send to the table. Mrs. C. I. Tibbits.

Cold Ham Or Tongue

Slice ham in thin slices and arrange upon a platter with a bed of lettuce leaves under it. Cut hard-boiled eggs and place on the ham. Boiled tongue can be used in the same way. E. H.

Tortilla Of Ham

One-half of a pound of ham is to be cooked, then chopped and put with one tablespoonful of butter into a pan. Beat three eggs well and season. Pour them into the ham and stir for a moment, then let the tortilla set, being careful that it does not adhere to the pan. When it is a little brown, turn and brown the other side. Mrs. F. T. W.

For Preserving Hams

See Department "Pickles, Vinegars and Brines."


How To Make Country Pork Sausages

Six pounds of lean fresh pork, three pounds of chine fat, three table-spoonfuls of salt, one and one-half tablespoonfuls of black pepper and four tablespoonfuls of pounded and sifted sage. Grind with a sausage grinder or a meat chopper the lean and fat pork finely, mix the seasoning in with the hands, taste to see that it has the right flavor, then make into flat balls or make long, narrow bags of stout muslin. Fill these with the meat and hang in a cold dark room. They can be used at once.

Marie Buell.

How To Fry Cased Sausages

Place in the frying-pan, keep moving them about and turn frequently to prevent bursting; in ten or twelve minutes they will be sufficiently browned and cooked. Sausages are also nicely cooked by putting them in a baking pan and browning them in the oven, turning them once or twice. J. A. M.

Frankfort Sausages - How To Cook

These are real appetizing for a luncheon or a Sunday night supper where you want something real good and easy to get. Drop a pound or more in boiling hot water and let simmer two minutes. Serve hot with tomato catsup or horse-radish. Lida.

Bologna Sausage

Take off the outer skin of the sausage. Slice the sausage very thin. Cover the bottom of a platter with leaves of parsley and lay the sausage on top, each slice touching the other. A few hard-boiled eggs can be cut into rings and sliced round, then laid upon the sausage.

Mrs. Jane Cummings.

Sausage Croquettes

One cup of highly-seasoned sausage meat, one cup of hot riced potato, two hard-boiled eggs finely chopped, one-half of a tablespoonful of finely-chopped parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Bind together with one-half of an egg slightly beaten. Mold into cork-shaped croquettes, roll in breadcrumbs and dip in egg slightly beaten, to which has been added two table-spoonfuls of cold water. Roll again in crumbs and fry in smoking hot Ko-nut. Observe level measurements. C. A. C.

Scrambled Sausages

To one pound of sausage use five eggs; have the pan hot and well-buttered; break the sausage into this in small bits; keep turning until done, but not brown; over this turn the five beaten eggs; scramble with the sausage until thick. Serve at once. Clara Mount.

Something New In Cake Making.

Something New In Cake Making.

Recipes for the above delightful cakes are all found within this hook.