Apricot Ice

Skin, divide and stone six large ripe apricots. Blanch, pound and add the kernels of the fruit, with the juice of two lemons, one-half pint of water and two pints of clarified sugar. Then pass all though a fine sieve and again strain before freezing. It takes twenty-five minutes to freeze.

C. Gaines.

Cherry Ice

The juice of three lemons, a teacupful of sugar and one quart of red cherries. Add a pint of water and freeze. Serve in sherbet glasses, with candied cherries on top. Miss Heller.

Grape Ice

Mix one and one-half pounds of sugar and one pint of water; bring it to the boiling point and pour it while hot over four pounds of ripe grapes, which have been mashed to a pulp. Let stand covered for one hour, then rub through a sieve and add the juice of one lemon and freeze. When partly frozen add two tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar. Finish freezing and set away for two hours. Mrs. Amy Burns.

Currant Ice

Take one pint of currant juice, one pound of sugar and one pint of water. Place the ingredients in the freezer and when partly frozen add the whites of three eggs well beaten. Delilah Loche.

Lemon Ice

Dissolve one-half package of gelatine in one pint of cold water. Take eight lemons and press out the juice, mixing it with one and one-quarter pounds of white sugar; pour one quart of hot water on both sugar and lemons. Add one and one-half pints of boiling water to the gelatine and when thoroughly dissolved add this to the rest of the ingredients. Strain and let cool. Then whip fifteen minutes and freeze. More delicious than ice-cream. Aurora Powers.

Fruit Ice

Grate two large lemons, take the juice, a glassful of grape syrup, a pint of thick cream and eight ounces of powdered sugar. Mix and freeze, and when sufficiently congealed add four ounces of preserved fruits, cut small and mixed well with the ice. Let the cream remain in the ice until wanted. Mrs. H. Pennoyer.


Milk Sherbet

Squeeze the juice of four lemons on three cupfuls of sugar; put the skins with a cupful of water on the fire, and let simmer ten minutes. Scald two quarts of milk, with two tablespoonfuls of corn-starch and one cupful of sugar. When cold put in freezer and when it begins to stiffen add the lemon and sugar; then freeze. Marian Lovewell.

Raspberry Sherbet

Take the juice of three lemons, the juice pressed from three pints of raspberries, two cupfuls of sugar and one quart of water. Freeze.

E. J. F.

Coffee Sherbet

To a pint of strong coffee add a pint of cream, six heaping tablespoon-fuls of sugar and six drops of vanilla. Put coffee, cream, sugar and extract all in together and freeze. Serve in glasses.

Mrs. Philander Loche.

Grape Sherbet

Lay a square of cheese-cloth over a jar, put in one pound of ripe grapes; mash thoroughly with a wooden masher; drain the juice; add an equal amount of cold water, the juice of one lemon and sugar to make it very sweet. Freeze as usual. Metta Miller.

Strawberry Sherbet

Take one pound of ripe strawberries and bruise them. Mix with them the strained juice of a lemon and a tablespoonful of orange-flower water, and pour upon them three pints of cold water. Let them soak four hours. Powder a pound of white sugar and put into a separate dish. Squeeze the juice into this through muslin and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Strain it again and set it on ice until wanted. Mrs. C. Kent.

Turkish Sherbet

Boil two pounds of loaf sugar with one and one-half pints of water to a clear syrup. Skim carefully and pour it into a bowl. When cold stir into it one and one-half pints of strained lemon juice and one quart of white veal stock, clear and strong. Serve in glasses.

Mrs. Amy Strong.

Pineapple And Orange Sherbets

Pineapple And Orange Sherbet

Shred a fresh pineapple (or the canned fruit will answer), add one pint of sugar, juice of two oranges, one-half pint of water, juice of one lemon, and one tablespoonful of gelatine that has been soaked for one hour in one cupful of cold water, and dissolve in one cupful of hot water; mix all together well and freeze. Mrs. W. Rider.

Orange Sherbet

Two and one-half cupfuls of water, one and one-half cupfuls of sugar, juice of five oranges and one lemon; make a syrup of the water and sugar by boiling about twenty minutes. When cool add fruit juice and freeze; serve in small glasses. Mrs D G. Loche.

Pineapple Sherbet

Make a thick syrup by boiling one quart of water and one pound of sugar for fifteen minutes. Pare and finely shred a pineapple. Let stand two hours before using. Sprinkle with two tablespoonfuls of sugar; cover well. Allow the fruit, juice and shreds to infuse in the warm syrup until entirely cold - an hour if convenient. Freeze and serve in small cups.

Mrs. H. F. Tibbitts.