How To Color Wool Blue

Use three ounces of cream of tartar and five ounces of alum. Boil two pounds of goods in this one hour, then place them in warm water which has extract of indigo in it and boil till the tint is right increasing the amount of indigo if necessary. D. B.

How To Color Wool Purple

Every pound of wool goods will require two ounces of cudbear. Rinse the article to be dyed thoroughly in soapsuds, then dissolve cudbear in hot suds, not quite boiling, but near it and soak the goods till of the right color. Rinse in alum water. T. C.

How To Color Silk Green

Take equal quantities of yellow oak and hickory bark. Make a strong bath by boiling. Add a small quantity of the extract of indigo. M.

Salmon Color

Take to each pound of goods one-quarter of a pound of annotto, and one-quarter of a pound of soap. Rinse goods in warm water, then boil them in the mixture one-half hour. The depth of shade is determined by the amount of annotto. F. D. C.

How To Color Cotton Sky Blue

Four ounces of vitriol (blue) to each three pounds of goods. Boil it a few moments, then dip the goods three hours. Pass them through a strong lime water. If they are then put through a solution of prussiate of potash a beautiful brown will result. S. A. B.

How To Color Cotton Yellow

Take one-half pound of sugar of lead and dissolve it in hot water. Dissolve one-eighth of a pound of bichromate of potash. Dip first in the lead, then in the potash till it is as bright a yellow as you want it. This amount is enough for three pounds of goods. To make them bright orange, dip according to above dye, and then dip in very strong boiling alum water. Wring out, and dip in clear, hot rain water. S. A. B.

How To Color Brown

Take one pound of catechu extract and one-half ounce of vitriol; dissolve in rain water; in the catechu put water enough to wet your goods. Color in an iron kettle. Then put in your vitriol. Wet goods in soapsuds before putting in the dye. This is a fast color. Mrs. A. S.

How To Color Cotton Blue

Take five ounces of copperas and put it in water enough to just cover the goods to be dyed. Let it come to a scald and immerse the fabric for thirty minutes, then take out and air. Put six ounces of prussiate of potash in clean water in the kettle. Let the goods stand in this for thirty minutes more, remove and add two ounces of oil of vitriol. Put the goods back twenty minutes longer, if a dark blue is desired. Mrs. H.

How To Bleach Goods

There should be no grease in articles that are to be put through the dyeing process. It is necessary, often, to get rid of all the color in a piece of goods. This can be done by boiling in strong soapsuds till faded but be particular to rinse out all the soap. F. A. Evans.

Black For Cotton And Woolen Goods

A black that will neither stain nor fade is made of two ounces of extract of logwood, one-half ounce of sugar of lead and one ounce of blue vitriol. Dissolve the vitriol and logwood in two separate waters. Wash the goods in warm water and place them in the vitriol water. Put the lead into the logwood water, and as soon as hot take the goods from the vitriol water and submerge in the dye, stirring them well for one-half hour. Make a strong brine of salt and take out the goods from the dye, put them into a tub and pour the salt water over them. Let stand till cold, hang up, let dry, and rinse in clear warm water. W. L.

How To Color Wool Goods Green

Wool goods will take a handsome green by taking one-half pound of fustic with one and three-quarter ounces of alum. Steep until strength is all out and soak the goods in this till a good yellow is had. Then take out the chips and add one tablespoonful of extract of indigo, till the color is bright enough. Miss Johnson.

How To Color Silk Crimson

Three ounces of alum are required for each pound of goods. Heat and dip at hand heat, for one hour. Take out and drain, making a dye of three ounces of cochineal, one-quarter of an ounce of cream of tartar, two ounces of bruised nutgalls in a pail of water and boiling it ten minutes. When a little cool, dip, raising the heat to a boil. Dip one hour, then wash and dry. C. D.

How To Color Wool Goods Claret

Take three and one-half pounds of camwood, one-twentieth of a pound of logwood, and one-eighth of a pound of copperas, and boil seven pounds of goods in this dye for two hours. Mrs. D.

How To Color Wool Goods Black

To five pounds of goods take six ounces of blue vitriol; boil the vitriol five minutes, then dip the goods for three-quarters of an hour, airing it now and then. Make a dye with three pounds of logwood and boil one-half hour. Dip three-quarters of an hour, air the goods and dip the same length of time again. Then wash in strong suds. J. E.

How To Dye Furs

It is difficult to dye furs. Take one-half gallon of lye, adding one quart of soft water. Heat it in an iron kettle. Take one-half ounce of acetate of lead, one-half ounce of sulphate of iron and three ounces of litharge. Powder the ingredients and dissolve one at a time in the lye. As soon as the liquid is of a blood heat put the furs in for a few moments only. Air them and dip them in strong vinegar, then smooth them and hang up to dry. You can make the dye stronger if the color does not take very well. N. P.