Marguerites (See Colored Picture)

For four dozen cakes sift four ounces of flour with four ounces of sugar, and one-fourth teaspoonful of salt, then add one-half cupful of lukewarm water, the whites of three unbeaten eggs, one teaspoonful of vanilla or lemon extract. Beat well, add two tablespoonfuls of melted butter and divide the batter into four parts; color one pink, one green, one purple and one cream. Vegetable and fruit colors are best for this purpose. Spinach for the green, strawberry for the pink, grape for the purple and a little orange for the cream. Oil a wafer iron, put one teaspoonful of the batter in the center, close and bake, taking care not to brown. Soon as done remove the cake and roll it up like a tube; continue till all are baked in the same manner. If you have no wafer pan a large common dripping-pan will answer. Spread out thin, leaving a space between each square; roll while hot. P. E. J.

Marguerites - No. 2

One pound of figs and one-fourth pound of citron chopped fine, mixed with the beaten whites of three eggs and one-fourth cupful of sugar. Spread mixture on saratoga-chip crackers; set in oven and let remain until light brown. A. Metta Hubbard.

Chocolate Layer Cakes And Cookies

Chocolate Layer Cake

For two sheets of cake use three ounces of chocolate, three eggs, one and three-fourths cupfuls of flour, one and three-fourths cupfuls of sugar, one-half cupful of butter, one-half cupful of milk, one-half teaspoonful of vanilla extract, one and one-half teaspoonfuls of baking-powder. Grate the chocolate; beat the butter to a cream and gradually beat in the sugar. Beat in the milk and vanilla, then the eggs (already well beaten), next the chocolate and finally the flour, in which the baking-powder should be mixed. Pour into two well-buttered shallow cake-pans. Bake for twenty-five minutes in a moderate oven. Ice or not, as you like. Maria Parloa.

Chocolate White Cake

Beat one-half cupful of butter to a cream and gradually beat into it one cupful of sugar. When this is light beat in one-half cupful of milk, a little at a time, and one teaspoonful of vanilla. Beat the whites of six eggs to a stiff froth. Mix one-half teaspoonful of baking-powder with two scant cupfuls of sifted flour. Stir the flour and whites of eggs alternately into the mixture. Have three deep tin plates well buttered and spread two-thirds of the batter in two of them. Into the remaining batter stir one ounce of chocolate, melted, and spread this batter in the third plate. Bake the cakes in a moderate oven for about twenty minutes. Put a layer of white cake on a large plate and spread with white icing. Put the dark cake on this and also spread with white icing. On this put the third cake; spread with chocolate icing. Maria Parloa.