Meat And Fish Sauces. Garnishings

The simplest method of garnishing roasts, game and fowl is with fresh parsley. Put nice little sprays here and there around the outer edge of the platter and also on top of the meat. Slices of lemon are especially nice for fish while capers are appropriate for leg of mutton, and sprigs of mint for lamb.

Green Peas For Garnish

Put one tablespoonful of butter and one teaspoonful of flour into a stew-pan, mix well over the fire, then stir in one cupful of cooked peas. Stir over the fire for two or three minutes and when thoroughly hot, serve on platter with roast lamb. Millie Van Ness.

Turnips Or Carrots For Garnish

Peel and cook one-half dozen turnips and then cut them into any fancy shape desired, such as cubes, balls, etc. Put them into a saucepan with a little broth; season with salt, sugar and pepper; boil till soft and use as garnish. L. B. M.

Carrots For Garnish

Clean young carrots, rub off their skin and trim them with a knife in fancy shapes. Put them into a saucepan with beef or chicken broth; add salt and pepper to taste, add a pinch of sugar and boil till done. Thicken a trifle and serve with boiled beef. Mrs. A. B. W.

Olives For Garnish (Spanish Style)

Select large olives, remove the stones from one-half cupful, by cutting them round and round in spiral shape so as to retain their shape. Put them in a saucepan, pour in some white stock and stew slowly until the olives are tender. A garnish for roasts. I. M. Sterns.

Ham For Garnish

Scald two small slices of ham, cut into squares. Put two tablespoon-fuls of butter into a frying-pan and when hot lay in the ham; add a little parsley, salt and pepper to taste and two thin slices of lemon cut in quarters. Fry until a light brown color. A nice garnish for game. J. C.

Garnish For Salads

Garnish for salads is spoken of more at length under Salads - both meat and vegetable - but it is not out of place to add here that hard-boiled eggs sliced or cut lengthwise are a most appropriate as well as appetizing finish to the ornamenting of a salad. Beets boiled and cut dice shape, capers and powdered cheese, all add to the looks and therefore flavor.

Mrs. Gregory.

Garnish For Puddings

It is generally understood by all housewives that desserts and puddings of all kinds are more appetizing in looks, and hence more palatable, when they come on the table in an attractive manner. Steamed plum puddings when in mold and reversed on a pudding platter and scattered over with a few plums halved, a cherry pudding strewed with a few fresh or candied cherries, or a shortcake the inside of which is filled with slightly-crushed berries, is greatly enhanced in looks when surrounded with a few elegant, large, juicy-looking berries. It is not always the elaborate concoction of a dish that strikes home to the heart; but the beauty and the simplicity. Mrs. Gregory.

Relishes And Catsups

Tomato Chutney

THIRTY tomatoes, six apples, chopped, six onions, red peppers, one pound of raisins, two onions, ten ounces of salt, one and one-half pounds of brown sugar, four ounces of ginger and three pints of cider vinegar.

Mrs. Chas. Hudson.

Mrs. Chas. Hudson.

India Relish

One peck of green tomatoes, one-half head of cabbage, twelve green peppers, one pound of brown sugar, one tablespoonful of cloves, one table-spoonful of cinnamon and one tablespoonful of allspice. Chop the tomatoes, put one-half cupful of salt over them and let drain for twenty-four hours, then add three onions, the cabbage and peppers, all well chopped. Put spices in a bag and add the sugar. Cover well with cider vinegar and let it simmer for four hours. Mrs. Cole.

Green Tomato Soy

Take a peck of green tomatoes, slice them thin, add one pint of salt. Let them stand twenty-four hours, strain, and put over the fire with twelve raw onions, an ounce of black pepper, one ounce of allspice, one-quarter of a pound of ground mustard, one-half pound of white mustard seed and a little cayenne pepper. Cover the whole with vinegar and boil till as thick as a jam, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon, to prevent burning. Katie Upton.

Ripe Tomato Soy

One peck of tomatoes peeled and sliced, one cupful of salt; let stand twenty-four hours; drain off liquor and add one head of celery, eight onions, chopped fine, one quart of vinegar, one tablespoonful each of ground mustard, ginger, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, and one-half spoonful of cayenne pepper; stew slowly two hours; when nearly done add one pound of sugar and one-quarter pound of white mustard seed.

Mrs. Milburn.


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