Laura Higbee.

Brown Sauce

Brown slowly in a saucepan one-half pound of butter, then mix with it six tablespoonfuls of hot vinegar, two tablespoonfuls of parsley, chopped very fine, and pepper and salt. This sauce accompanies eggs, fish and calf's head. Mrs. Celia Oades.

German Sauce For Fish

Mix well together two ounces of butter and a small teaspoonful of flour. Put it into a stew-pan with two tablespoonfuls of water and two tablespoonfuls of vinegar; stir for a minute and add the beaten yolks of two eggs, keeping up the stirring until the mixture thickens. It must not boil, and when ready to serve pour into it one-half the juice of a lemon. Make this sauce in a small glazed crock set in a saucepan of boiling water.

Mrs. F. McFhee.


Curry-powder is a favorite dish with those who have resided in hot climates, and is very much liked as a seasoning. It can be prepared easily. Take one ounce of ginger, one ounce of mustard seed, one ounce of pepper, three ounces of coriander seed, three ounces of tumeric, one-half ounce of cardamoms, one-fourth of an ounce of cayenne pepper, one-fourth of an ounce of cummin seed; pound fine and sift. These can be procured at any druggist's. Carrie Earle.

Tart Beef Sauce

Four shallots finely chopped, one tablespoonful of butter, and four tablespoonfuls of vinegar. Place in a stew-pan and stir over the fire with a wooden spoon till the butter becomes clear, then add one ounce of flour and stir in for three or four minutes. Now take one pint of common stock broth, a little coloring, a pinch of pepper and boil all together fifteen minutes; then add a tablespoonful of chopped gherkins, and one tablespoonful of minced parsley. Boil up together, skim and serve in a sauce tureen. A nice sauce for roast beef. Catherine Hall.

White Sauce

A tablespoonful of butter is placed in a saucepan. As soon as it bubbles add a tablespoonful of flour and stir it for five minutes, when it may be set on the back of the stove, and a cupful of milk poured in, the stirring going on all the time. Use salt and pepper to taste. Water can be used where the milk is called for, or more butter may be added. Some like an egg, but it must cool a little before this is put in and then be cooked a minute or so afterward. Hannah Fay.

Shallot Sauce

Chop three young onions very fine, add a little pepper, a small teaspoonful of cider vinegar and the juice of three lemons. This is a fine sauce for oysters on the half-shell. E. L. S.

Caper Sauce

Take one ounce of butter and a teaspoonful of flour, add a glassful of cold water, salt and pepper. Put the saucepan on back of stove, stir now and then, and as soon as it boils beat till smooth. Add two ounces of butter and one tablespoonful of capers. This should be served in a hot bowl. E. F. I.

Bechamel Sauce

Cut up all sorts of soup vegetables, with two cloves and a little grated nutmeg. Cook them in butter but do not let them brown. Boil one quart of milk with a little salt and sugar. While it is boiling add the mirepoix (the above vegetables), cover and set it aside where it will not boil any more. Make a roux with butter and flour, cook slowly and do not let it burn, for it must be white. Add gradually a sufficient quantity of veal and chicken blonde. Skim off all the fat and strain through a fine strainer. Set aside to cool but stir it frequently so it will be very smooth; keep in a cool place. Mrs. Henri Marquise.

Hollandaise Sauce

Rub one-half cupful of butter to a cream. Add four well-beaten egg yolks, then the juice of one-half of a lemon, one-half teaspoonful of salt and a dash of cayenne. Pour a cupful of hot water in slowly. Mix and set it in a saucepan of hot water. Stir until the sauce becomes a thick cream. Do not allow it to boil. Stir a few minutes after removing from the fire. It is a fine sauce for fish, asparagus, or cauliflower.

Jennie Hills.

Celery Sauce

Twelve heads of celery, twelve green tomatoes, six large white onions, two green peppers, one-half teaspoonful of mustard, one-half ounce of curry-powder, three cupfuls of brown sugar, one-quarter teaspoonful of cayenne, five cloves of garlic, two quarts of vinegar, one-half teaspoonful of black pepper, salt to taste; chop separately, mix and boil one and one-half hours. Bottle while hot. Mrs. Smith.

Garibaldi Sauce

Four pounds of tomatoes, one pound of raisins, three pounds of sugar, one pound of apples, one-quarter pound red peppers, one-half pound of onions, one lemon, one small cupful of salt, three pints of vinegar. Chop all fine and cook. Mrs. Kellan.

Chutney Sauce

Select twelve ripe tomatoes, twelve large apples, four onions, one pound of raisins (seedless), one pound of brown sugar, three green and two red peppers, two teaspoonfuls of ground ginger, one-third of a teaspoonful of red pepper and a chocolate-cupful of salt. Add one quart of vinegar and boil all together for one hour. Mrs. T. Thompson.

Governor's Sauce

Slice one peck of green tomatoes, sprinkle heavily with salt and let them stand over night. Drain well in the morning; cover them with vinegar; simmer them with six large onions, three red peppers, one teaspoonful each of ginger, pepper, a pinch of red pepper, a teaspoonful of mustard, a cupful of brown sugar, and a cupful of grated horseradish. Let them all simmer a little over two hours. Tillie.