Crystallized Oranges And Lemons

Boil together for one-half hour one cupful of granulated sugar and one of water. Dip the point of a skewer or darning needle in the syrup after it has been boiling the given time and then in water. If the thread formed breaks off brittle the syrup is done. Pare some oranges, divide them into eighths and wipe free of moisture. Pour part of the hot syrup.

Oranges, Sliced

Peel one-half dozen oranges and cut them in slices crosswise, picking out the seeds. Then sprinkle generously with pulverized sugar and set in a cool place. The colder any raw fruit can be made the better the flavor.

W. T. M.

Orange Compote

Peel the oranges, cut up into sections, pare off all the white skin and cut them into slices; place these in a circle in a preserve dish, pour a little brandy over and let stand in a cool place in their own juice thirty minutes. Corrine Betts.

Oranges In Fancy Shapes

There are many artistic ways of arranging oranges. Cut the peel vertically at even distances, beginning at one end, down to the center. Now peel down the loosened skin but do not break or cut off but tarn points in. The whole resembles a rose. Another pretty way is to peel off the entire skin and slice the oranges crosswise; sugar well and place each slice as though it was uncut. Ione.

Orange Salad

Peel one-half dozen oranges, free them from the white skin, and cut them into slices of about one-quarter of an inch in thickness. Arrange them neatly in a compote dish, strew three ounces of finely-powdered sugar over them and pour upon them a wine-glassful of California sweet wine. If it stands a day before using it is richer. S. E. F.

Molded Oranges

Peel three or four large oranges, being careful not to break the thin skin which divides them. Oil a small mold thoroughly. Boil a quarter of a pound of loaf sugar in three tablespoonfuls of water till it becomes hard and brittle when dropped into cold water, dip the edges of the orange sections into this, arrange them in layers round only the sides of the mold, and fasten them together with the sugar. When they are firm, turn them on a dish, and fill the center with whipped cream. It takes twelve minutes to boil the sugar. J. E. Taber.

Orange And Strawberries In Basket (Made Of Peel)

Select good-sized oranges, cut off the top, scoop out the center and fill with strawberries and some of the orange. If liked pour over a little sherry and put on top a spoonful of whipped cream. Delicious.


Strawberries Au Natural

Select fresh ripe juicy berries, remove neither hulls nor stems; with a tiny brush remove all sand underneath the sepals. Arrange on a pretty glass dish or on individual dishes. Serve with a spoonful of powdered sugar in small paper cup at side of plate. If berries are not fresh picked place on ice two hours before serving to freshen them.


Strawberries Au Natural - No. 2

Choose the largest strawberries, leaving the stems on. On each sauce plate arrange them around the dish with the strawberries uppermost. Then place a little pyramid of powdered sugar in the center of each plate. The berries are to be eaten by dipping each one in the sugar. A little pat of ice cream may be substituted for the sugar, but in that case the berries should be stemmed and hulled. Mrs. J. C. M.

Soups Without Meats

WITH the increased interest in vegetarian ideas, it is well to be able to make dishes in which meat plays no part. Vegetable soups provide food for the human species entirely free from adulteration and yet capable of furnishing wonderful nutrition.

Soups Without Meats IdealCookbook 75

Turnip And Rice Soup

Peel and wash as many turnips as desired and put them in a granite kettle with a lump of butter and sufficient water to allow them to simmer gently until tender. Pass through a fine hair sieve, return to the kettle, add a pint of rich milk and one-half cupful of cold boiled rice; season with salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar. Let simmer for twenty minutes; then stir in a lump of butter and one cupful of cream. Serve on croutons.


Health Soup

Cut four large onions into small pieces and put into a granite kettle with one-half cupful of butter. Toss over the fire for a few minutes. Now put in with the onions two stalks of celery cut into small pieces and some finely-shredded head of lettuce; stir these ingredients over the fire for twenty minutes, then put in one cupful of cold boiled rice, one pint of boiling milk and one of boiling water. Season the soup to taste with salt and pepper to let it simmer by the side of the fire for an hour. When done add one cupful of cream and one egg well stirred. Take at once from the fire and serve. Mrs. C. Dickerson.

New York Soup

A delicate soup is made of a quart of milk with a pinch of salt and a teaspoonful of sugar. Thicken slightly with four eggs creamed in two ounces of butter. Just before taking up stir in the yolks of two eggs.

Toast to a good brown, six circular slices of bread, sprinkle sugar lightly over and put them in the oven for a couple of minutes. Pour the soup over the toast and serve. Mrs. Quinn.

Lentil Soup

Take four carrots, two sliced onions, a chopped lettuce head, two ounces of butter, two pints of lentils, the crumbs of two French rolls and two quarts of stock. Put the vegetables, with the butter, into a stew-pan, and let them simmer five minutes; add the lentils, which should be soaked in cold water for two hours previous and a pint of the stock, and stew gently for one-half hour. Now fill up with the remainder of the stock, let it boil another hour and put in the crumbs of the rolls. When these are well soaked rub all through a wire sieve or tammy cloth. Season to taste with pepper and salt, boil up once more, and serve. Water may be used in the place of the stock, if desired; but in that case a cupful of milk, thickened with corn-flour, should be added just before the final boil.

P. E. F.

Cucumber And Gumbo Soup

Take six cucumbers, six ounces of bread-crumbs, four ounces of gumbo, one ounce of parsley and six ounces of sweet cream. Pare and slice the cucumbers, chop the gumbo and parsley into small pieces and stew them gently three-quarters of an hour, stirring occasionally; then pour in two quarts of boiling water; add the bread-crumbs and cream and let the whole stew two hours. If the soup is then too thin, dredge in a little flour and boil ten minutes longer. A. M. K.

Graham Soup

Take three onions, three carrots, four turnips, one small cabbage, one head of celery, one pint of stewed tomatoes (canned will do), a small bunch of sweet herbs, one tablespoonful of butter, one-half cupful of milk, thickened with corn-flour, pepper and salt, three quarts of water. Chop all the vegetables, except the cabbage and tomatoes, very fine, and set them over the fire with rather over three quarts of water. Simmer gently for one-half hour, at the end of which time the cabbage must be added, having previously been parboiled and chopped. In fifteen minutes put in the tomatoes and a bunch of sweet herbs and give all a good boil for twenty minutes longer. Put through a colander; return the soup to the fire; stir in a good tablespoonful of butter, pepper and salt, one-half cupful of milk, thickened with corn-flour; let it boil up, and it is ready for the table. H. F. L.

Vermicelli Soup

Break six ounces of vermicelli in pieces. Boil until nearly cooked in boiling water and salt. This will take fifteen minutes. Add it when well drained to twelve gills of boiling nut-meal stock. Boil till done, about one-half hour in all. L. S. E.

Plain Asparagus Soup

Take one quart of asparagus, cut in inch-lengths and boil in one quart of water until tender; rub through a colander and return to the water; add one pint of milk, one teaspoonful of butter rubbed with one tea-spoonful of flour and cook five minutes. Season with salt, pepper and butter. Serve hot over toasted bread cut into dice. Ina M. Webber.

Mock Bisque Soup

A quart can of tomatoes, three pints of milk, a large tablespoonful of flour, one of butter; pepper, salt and soda. Put the tomatoes on to stew adding a teaspoonful of soda. Boil milk in a double boiler except enough to mix with the flour. Add the cold thickened milk to boiling milk and cook ten minutes. Add butter, pepper and salt, and then the tomatoes (strained). Serve immediately. Anna Dickerson.