Pickled Cabbage

Pickled Cabbage (Red Or White)

Remove the outer leaves, quarter and reject the stalk. Cut in slices one-third of an inch thick; put in a jar with salt sprinkled between the layers and let stand over night. Next morning drain dry as possible and cover with boiling hot vinegar spiced to the taste. L. A. B.

Sweet Pickled Cabbage

Same as above only sweetened.


Melon Mangoes

Select firm, sound, green cantaloupe. With a sharp knife remove one slice, take out the seed, soak over night in salt water, then fill with chopped cabbage and green tomatoes, seasoned with salt, mustard seed and red pepper chopped. Replace the top and tie. Boil enough vinegar to cover adding a cupful of brown sugar and pour over the mangoes. Repeat three mornings. Mrs. D. Z. B.

Pepper Mangoes

Same as for melon mangoes, using both red and green peppers and sewing on tops, leaving out, of course, the coarsely-chopped peppers and substituting ground cloves. C. M.

Mixed Pickles

Mixed Pickles (With Dressing)

One gallon of cucumbers, one gallon of green tomatoes, one-half gallon of onions that have been steamed till done. Steam two heads of cauliflower and add one-half dozen green peppers. Scald in weak salt and water brine one day.


One gallon of vinegar, twelve tablespoonfuls of mustard, two cupfuls of sugar, two tablespoonfuls of turmeric, one large cupful of flour, wet with a little cold vinegar. Boil five minutes and pour over thoroughly drained pickles. Mrs. Maria Rice.

Mixed Pickles (Sweet)

Take one peck of green tomatoes, one dozen onions, eight green peppers; chop all together, add one cupful of salt and let stand over night, drain. Put in a porcelain kettle with one pound of brown sugar, one-half teacupful of grated horseradish, one tablespoonful each of ground black pepper, mustard, whole white mustard seed and celery seed. Cover with vinegar and boil gently one hour. Lillie.

Mixed Pickles - No. 2 (French Style)

Slice in an earthen jar one peck of green tomatoes, six large onions, and pour over them one cupful of salt. Let stand twenty-four hours and drain. Add one quart of cider vinegar, three pounds of brown sugar, one-eighth of a pound of white mustard seed, one teaspoonful of ground cloves, one teaspoonful of ginger, two teaspoonfuls of mustard, one tea-spoonful of cayenne pepper and cook slowly for fifteen minutes.

Minerva Weeks.

Mustard Pickles

English Mixed Mustard Pickles

One quart of whole small onions, or large ones sliced, one-half peck of sliced green tomatoes, six sliced green peppers, five whole red peppers, one hundred small cucumbers, or fifty large ones, two large cauliflowers, one quart of beans, one-quarter of a pint of salt; mix all together and let stand over night. In the morning, drain well and add whole spices, tied in muslin bag. One-quarter ounce each of mace and whole black peppers, one-half ounce of cloves, one-half ounce each of cloves and celery seed, one ounce of mustard seed. Cover with vinegar and set on stove with one pound of brown sugar; when nearly boiling add one pound of ground mustard and one tablespoonful of turmeric, mixed smooth and thin with cold vinegar. Stir and let boil ten or fifteen minutes; when done, remove spice bag and bottle pickles. Mrs H. B. Somers.

Mustard Pickles

Take equal quantities of cauliflower, little onions and small cucumbers. Look them over carefully and to one peck sprinkle one cupful of salt between the layers. Cover with boiling water and let stand all night Drain through colander and wipe dry. To one-half gallon of cider vinegar take one-half pound of mustard, one tablespoonful of turmeric, two and one-half tablespoonfuls of curry-powder, two tablespoonfuls of ginger, one teaspoonful of cayenne pepper. Stir these together with a little cold vinegar, until the lumps are out; then stir it into the half-gallon of hot vinegar and keep on stirring until it comes to a scald. Pour this over the pickles, stir it once or twice for a day or two and then put up in glass jars.

S. Rosa Silver.

Mustard Pickles - No. 2

Slice one quart of large cucumbers and one quart of small cucumbers. Also slice two quarts of onions, two quarts of green tomatoes, three heads of cauliflower, and six green peppers. Soak all over night in a strong brine (teacupful of salt to a gallon of water). In the morning cook all except the cucumbers in clear water till tender. Let all drain while you make the dressing.


One gallon of vinegar, twenty-four tablespoonfuls of dry mustard, four cupfuls of sugar, two cupfuls of flour, one ounce of tumeric. Put the vinegar on to boil. Wet the mustard, sugar, flour and turmeric with some of the cold vinegar. When the vinegar comes to a boil, stir them in. When they are thickened add all the others and let boil up once. Mrs. Lily Gregory.