Barley Soup With Stock

Wash a teacupful of pearl barley in three waters and boil in two quarts of soft water for two hours. Drain the water, rinse in cold water and it is ready for the soup. First, cut three slices of turnip, and half that quantity of carrot and onion into small pieces and boil in two quarts soup stock until tender. Add the cooked barley, and season slightly.


Tomato Soup With Stock

A quart of soup stock, two cups of sliced tomatoes. Cut up a small onion and slightly brown. Put all on the fire, and add a cupful of milk, a teaspoon of butter, a little pepper, a teaspoon of sugar, and a salt-spoon of salt. Let boil three minutes. Strain, thicken with a tablespoon of flour, made into a paste with water, and serve hot with croutons of bread. Mrs. Eliza Gill.

Cabbage Soup With Stock (German Style)

Take one sound white cabbage, wash and trim off the outer leaves, chop fine and put it in a stew-pan with a quart of water. Let boil until tender. Add a quart of beef broth, salt and pepper to taste, and boil once more. Before serving stir in a lump of butter and two small lumps of sugar. Serve hot. F. R. S.

Cream Of Spinach With Stock

Take one pint of cold cooked spinach, chop and pound into a soft paste. Put it into a stew-pan with four tablespoonfuls of butter and a teaspoonful of salt. Cook and stir it about fifteen minutes. Add to this one quart of stock and one pint of boiling water; let boil up, then rub through a strainer. Set it over the fire again, and, when boiling, add a tablespoonful of butter, and a teaspoonful of sugar.

Mrs. C. Cayton.

Corn And Tomato Soup With Stock

Cut one pound of beef into small pieces, put it into a granite kettle with three quarts of water, and boil gently two hours. Strain, put over the fire again and put in six large tomatoes and boil for an hour. When cooked, drain and pass the tomatoes through a fine sieve. Return to the stove. Scrape six ears of corn from the cob and put into the soup; also put in a small lump of butter and season to taste with salt and pepper. Boil the soup twenty minutes; serve crisp crackers. Inez Slocum.

Green Pea Soup With Stock

Wash the neck of lamb in cold water, and put it into a soup-pot with six quarts of cold water; add to it two tablespoonfuls of salt, let boil gently for two hours, then skim; add a quart of shelled peas, a little pepper; cover and let boil for half an hour; scrape the skins from a pint of small young potatoes; slice and add them to the soup; cover and let boil for half an hour longer; work butter size of an egg and a dessert-spoonful of flour together, and add to the soup ten minutes before taking off the fire. Miss R. Lyon.

Carrot Soup With Stock

Put in soup Kettle a knuckle of veal, four quarts of cold water, a quart of finely-sliced carrots, one large head of celery; let boil two and a half hours, and add one-fourth of a cup of rice and boil an hour longer; season with pepper and salt, and serve. L. M.