Care Of The Ears

Children's ears ought never to be boxed, for besides being an ill-mannered way to punish one, it is liable to injure permanently the delicate membrane of the ear. Nor should the ear ever be "cleaned out with the screwed-up corner of a towel," much less with a bodkin.

Popular Science Monthly.

How To Remove Lodgment In Throat

When a child swallows anything that lodges in the throat lift it suddenly by the wrists. It will cause the little one to scream and cough and the object will generally be dislodged at once. P. T.

A Good Way To Take Castor Oil

There is nothing better for a cold than castor oil and a very simple way to give it to children, is to make up a pan of molasses candy and add plenty of castor oil to it just before removing from the fire. The taste of oil in it cannot be detected. Julia Merrill.


One teaspoonful of molasses and one teaspoonful of goose oil given to a child in the early stage of croup will relieve it at once. E. L. A.

Foreign Body In The Eye

As soon as anything gets into the eye, rub the well eye, and don't touch the other. If this does not remove it turn back the lid and with the point of a fine cambric or silk handkerchief remove the irritating body if it can be seen. If not, take a small syringe and gently inject tepid water under the lid. This will generally wash the offender out. John M.

How To Cure Chafing

During warm weather many people suffer from chafing of the armpits. This can be prevented by thoroughly dusting the irritated parts with sub-nitrate of bismuth or calomel. L. S.

How To Cure Mosquito Bite

Take a teaspoonful of the tincture of wild rosemary to one-half tumblerful of water and apply the lotion where the insect stung. J. G.

How To Make Excellent Liniment

Take one ounce of camphor, four ounces of olive oil. Dissolve the gum in the oil. By adding one-quarter of an ounce of chloroform a liniment is obtained which will allay any pain. Mrs. Paul S.

How To Make Linseed Poultice

Take four ounces of linseed meal and ten fluid ounces of boiling water. Mix the linseed meal gradually with the water and apply. Dip the spoon with which you spread the poultice in boiling water and the mass will not stick to it. M. H.

How To Make Mustard Poultice

Take of dry mustard two ounces and mix it with the white of two eggs to a proper consistency. A teaspoonful of flour can be added. There are mustard plasters to be purchased at drug-stores which are far more available and always ready for use. Mrs. Wm. S.

How To Remove Cold In The Head

A cold in the head is very disagreeable. Inhale spirits of camphor when the first symptoms appear. Put one or two drops of the camphor on a small lump of sugar, dissolve in a wine-glassful of water and take a teaspoonful every two hours. J. R.

How To Cure Diphtheria

Relief has followed in the early stages of this terrible complaint by gargling with sulphur and water, or have some blown down the throat in the form of a spray. For a simple sore throat bind a strip of flannel on, wet in camphor, and use a gargle of salt and vinegar. Mrs. V. B.

Cure For Toothache

One-quarter of a pint of best alcohol, one-half ounce of chloroform, one-half ounce of arnica, one-quarter ounce of oil of cloves. Mix and apply with a piece of absorbent cotton; rub also on the gums and upon the face against the tooth. Sure cure. M. S.

A Good Cathartic

One-half ounce each of peppermint leaf and jalap, one ounce of senna, two ounces of figs chopped fine. Dose: Put a teaspoonful of the mixture into a cup and pour upon it three tablespoonfuls of boiling water; drink when cold. Take before breakfast. Kunze.

Sprain Remedy

Take the white of two eggs and put into a cup; stir with a lump of alum the size of an English walnut until it jellies. Saturate a cloth and apply to the sprain, changing it for a fresh one as often as it becomes hot and dry. Keep the limb in a raised or horizontal position. H. W. S.

How To Cure Dry Piles

The dry piles can readily be cured by a bruised onion, roasted in ashes. Dr. J. M. Smith.

Inward Piles

A small pitch pill taken after fasting a day will usually kill the bleeding piles. Or, take twice a day of the thin skin of walnuts as much as will lie on a 25-cent piece. Wesley.

Palpitation Of The Heart

A lady, about forty years of age, had suffered twelve years from periodical attacks of palpitation of the heart, so violent as to shake the bed on which the patient lay. During one attack, feeling thirsty, she expressed a desire for some soda-water. No sooner had she swallowed the first draught than her palpitation left her, and recurred no more until the period of the next attack. As soon as it commenced, she sent for her medical attendant, and told him what had occurred a month previously, and requested to be allowed to try the same remedy a second time. He consented, but, wishing to ascertain which of the ingredients of the soda-water had relieved the complaint, he gave her a dose of citric acid by itself. This had no effect. He then gave her a dose of carbonate of soda, which also failed. He then mixed the powders and gave her some ordinary soda-water, placing his hand at the same time upon her heart. The moment she swallowed the first mouthful the palpitation ceased and recurred no more for that time. From that period, whenever the palpitation came on, she could always stop it by this simple remedy. It appears, from the experiments made by medical men that the carbonic acid was the active element in relieving the complaint, because, until the gas was liberated by the mixture of citric acid and the carbonate of soda, no benefit accrued. Journal of Health.