Roast Beef

Have the butcher remove the bones of a rib-roast and roll the meat into a round shape; tie securely with a stout string; then, before sending it to the table, remove the string and insert one or two steel skewers. Before placing the meat to roast season with salt; then place it upon a grating in dripping-pan and put it in a very hot oven; baste frequently; if the meat is very fat you need no water in your pan; if not, pour a small cup of boiling water into the pan after it has been in the oven fifteen minutes. Make a brown gravy. Mrs. Flora Thomas.

Roast Beef - No. 2

Select a loin or rib piece - the latter is the best - and pound it thoroughly before placing in the pan; pour a cupful of boiling water over it and sprinkle a little salt; have the oven well heated and baste frequently with the drippings after the juices have cooked out. Cook about ten minutes to a pound. When done it should be brown outside and a little red within. If the meat has an excess of fat cover the fatty portion with a flour and water paste, which can be removed before fully done. Turn the gravy upon the meat after skimming off the fat; season with pepper and salt. Any attempt at basting before the juices commence running from the meat will have the effect of toughening it. Sadie V.

Pot Roast

Put a very little drippings in an iron kettle. When hot, lay the beef in. Add an onion chopped and fried till brown in butter; pour in water that has boiled, to half the height of the meat. Add salt and pepper, and cover as close as possible. Thicken the gravy. Simmer from two to three hours, according to weight. When done, take up, and pour the gravy over it, and send to the table. Mrs. Robb.

Beef Liver

Liver And Bacon

Calf's liver is the best; slice it one-quarter of an inch thick; pour hot water over and let stand a few minutes to clear it from blood; then dry in a napkin. Take one-half a pound of thin sliced bacon, or as much as you require, and fry to a nice crisp; lay on platter and keep hot; then fry the liver to a nice brown in the same pan, having first seasoned it with salt and pepper and dredged in flour. Serve with a slice of bacon on the top of each slice of liver. Ann Hewitt.

Fried Beef Liver

Cut in thin slices; pour over it boiling water; roll in flour; season with salt and pepper. Fry till done. R. Van Ness.

Beef Liver - No. 2

Cut the liver in slices two-thirds of an inch thick; soak in cold water one-quarter of an hour; have ready butter in the spider and when hot, put in the liver; season with salt, pepper, and an onion chopped fine; dust a little flour over the top; cover tight to keep steam in as much as possible; add a little water while cooking, to keep from getting dry (do not let it burn); when brown turn on the other side; put on a little more salt, pepper and flour; when done take the liver out on a platter; put in about a teacup of sweet milk; if not thick enough, add a little more flour, wet with milk, until it is about the thickness of beef gravy; pour over the liver and serve. This is the Swedish way of cooking it.

Dennie Safford.

Baked Calf's Liver

Take a calf's liver, vinegar, one onion, three or four sprigs of parsley and thyme, salt and pepper to taste, strips of bacon and brown gravy. Select a fine liver, and lard it; put it into vinegar with an onion cut in slices, parsley, thyme and seasoning in the above proportion. Let it remain in this pickle twenty-four hours, then roast, basting it frequently with the vinegar, etc.; glaze it, serve under it a good brown gravy and serve it hot. Jane Emmert.

Beef Patties

Chop fine some cold beef, beat two eggs and mix with the meat, adding a little milk, melted butter, salt and pepper. Make into rolls and fry.


Beef Patties - No. 2

The remains of a roast of beef, minced fine and seasoned, can be baked in a rich puff paste in patty pans. Nice for a side dish. It takes about one-half an hour to bake them. Caroline Royce.


Hamburg Steak

The round of beef is usually taken for this purpose. Grind or chop a pound very fine, removing all the fiber or fat. Add one-half a teaspoon of onion juice, the same of salt, a quarter of a teaspoon of pepper, a little nutmeg and one egg. Make into small balls, and press them flat. Fry them in butter. Make a brown gravy of the butter used in frying. Let it brown, then add a little soup stock. Pour a little on each cake.

Mrs. P. Greene.

Smothered Beefsteak

Take one large thin round steak. Prepare a dressing of a cupful of bread-crumbs, half a teaspoonful of salt, a dash of pepper, a tablespoonful of butter, a little sage, a speck of chopped onion and enough milk to moisten. Spread over the meat, roll it up carefully, and tie the ends with a string. Fry a few thin slices of bacon in a saucepan and into the fat place this roll of beef. Brown on all sides, then add one-half a pint of water, and stew until tender. When cooked sufficiently, take out the meat, thicken the gravy and pour over it. Carve crosswise. Lulu Fowle.