Brown Sauce

Mix one-half teacupful of brown sugar with one-half the quantity of butter; add one pint of hot water and a little vinegar with such flavoring as may be desired. Use a tablespoonful of flour, moistened with milk as a thickening, and boil. Should be served hot. E. J. S.

Dumpling Sauce

Boil one pint of water and a teacupful of brown sugar together; thicken with one tablespoonful of flour mixed with cold water; when cooked add one tablespoonful of butter and a little salt. Flavor to taste.

A. P. T.

Spanish Sauce

One tablespoonful of corn-starch in one-half teacupful of boiling water; add two tablespoonfuls of vinegar, one tablespoonful of butter, one teacupful of sugar and one-half of a nutmeg, grated. G. P. C.

Paris Sauce (For Sweet Dumplings)

Put a glassful of grape juice into an enameled saucepan with a large tablespoonful of powdered sugar and the well-beaten yolks of two eggs. Stir the mixture until it begins to thicken, then add very gradually three tablespoonfuls of thick cream; the sauce must not boil after the cream is added. Maria Peel.

Empress Sauce

A delicate sauce for rice puddings, apple dumplings, etc., is one part sweet cream, two parts boiling water; sweeten well and flavor with powdered mace. Mrs. Laura Morey.

Cherry, Blueberry, Blackberry Or Strawberry Sauce

Cream together one-half cupful of sugar and one tablespoonful of butter. Add one cupful of boiling water and put into a double boiler. When it comes to a boil stir in one tablespoonful of corn-starch previously dissolved in a little cold water. Let heat thoroughly. Take from the fire and stir in a cupful of any desired fruit, crushed. Serve hot.

A. T. B.

Strawberry Sauce - Cold

Cream one cupful of sugar and one-third of a cupful of butter, add the beaten whites of two eggs and one cupful of ripe crushed strawberries; fine for cottage pudding, plain boiled tapioca and other simple puddings; gives flavor of strawberry short-cake. A. D. F.

Fruit Sauce

Cream equal parts of butter and granulated sugar together with enough fruit jam or juice to flavor the sauce as desired. E. C. A.

Butter Sauce

Put one-half cupful of butter into a basin, work into it one cupful of sugar. Pour in enough raspberry juice to color and flavor it. Especially good for batter puddings. E. J. B.

English Sweet Sauce

Put into a bowl the yolks of two eggs with four tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar and stir until it becomes creamy. Add one-half pint of sweet cream, little by little, beating constantly, and grate in the rind of one orange. Place the pan on a slow fire and stir well for five minutes, being careful not to let boil. Strain and serve. A. T. O.

Lemon Sauce

Let come to a boil one pint of water and one cupful of sugar, then stir in three large teaspoonfuls of corn-starch previously mixed with a little cold water, stir over the fire for ten minutes, but do not let it boil; then add the grated rind and juice of one lemon and one tablespoonful of butter. Serve warm. T. C. M.

Foamy Sauce For Steamed Puddings

Beat one egg light, add a scant cupful of granulated sugar, then add three tablespoonfuls of boiling milk; flavor with vanilla and serve immediately. Mrs. Tillie Bassett.