Dissolve a piece of compressed yeast the size of a large pea in a table-spoonful of water, put it into a one-quart can, add one teaspoonful of sugar and fill four-fifths full with milk. Place on cover, shake frequently and allow it to stand in a warm room for two days, then put in a cool cellar, placing the bottles on the sides; put on ice and shake well before using; draw with a champagne tap. R. R.

Broiled Tenderloin, Chicken, Or Mutton Chop

This is enjoyed when the patient is becoming convalescent. Cut out the round piece from the inside of a sirloin steak, boil it quickly over a bright fire, turn it, with its gravy, upon a piece of freshly-made toast, sprinkle with salt and pepper, but no butter; place between two hot plates and serve directly. A tender mutton chop, or one-half of the breast of a chicken can be served the same way, but the chicken will require longer and somewhat slower cooking. Mary Parry.

Chicken Panada

Rub together in a mortar the meat from the breast of a cold chicken with stale bread, one-half of each, then add slowly the water in which the chicken was boiled, or some nice broth, entirely free from fat. Boil for a few moments and pass the whole through a fine sieve. Mrs. H. P.

Lemon Whey

An excellent drink for a person with a cold, to induce perspiration, is made putting one-half pint of milk in a saucepan. Boil and pour in a tablespoonful of lemon juice; add more if this does not turn the milk. Let it boil up, then put it into a bowl to settle; strain and sweeten and add a little hot water if the whey is too acid to be agreeable.

Nurse at Sanitarium.

Sterilized Lemonade

Squeeze the juice out of a lemon. Strain it, put it with one-quarter of the rind and four lumps of loaf sugar into a pitcher and pour over it one pint of boiling water. Cover close and let it stand two hours. Then strain and it will be ready for use. Lemonade for the sick should be made with boiling water as the unhealthy properties of the lemon are thus destroyed. A small quantity only of sugar should be put in as the acidity will most likely be agreeable. Health School.

Beverage For Fever Patient

One-half of a fresh peach, one teaspoonful of brandy, one tablespoonful of sugar, the juice of one-half of a lemon; strain, then add plenty of shaved ice. Nemie Freeman.

Ice Mint

One-fourth of teaspoonful of peppermint, one tablespoonful of powdered sugar, one tablespoonful of water, one teaspoonful of wine, also one teaspoonful of brandy; mix together well, fill glass with shaved ice; sip through a straw. Mrs. Della Fox.

Extract Of Beef

Lean beef chopped fine. Put a sufficient quantity into a bottle to fill up its body, cork it loosely, and place it in a pot of cold water, attaching the neck, by means of a string to the handle of the vessel. Boil this for one and one-half hours, then pour off the liquor and skim it. To this preparation may be added spices, salt, wine, brandy, etc., according to the taste of the patient and nature of the disease. Mrs. Rita Pilard.

French Milk Porridge

Stir oatmeal and water together, let the mixture stand to clear and pour off the water. Then put more water to the meal, stir it well and let it stand till the next day. Strain through a fine sieve and boil the water, adding milk while so doing. The proportion of water must be small. With toast this is a good preparation for weak persons. B. Clark.


This is a combination of nuts and cereals, and is a peculiarly strengthening food for invalids. It can be eaten dry, or served with milk. Found in all groceries. Sanitarium.

Malted Milk

The name of this preparation indicates its character. It is made of the best nuts, and is soluble in hot or cold water, when it forms a rich, cream resembling malted milk, but finer in flavor. Suitable for the feeble. Sanitarium.

Tapioca Cup Pudding

This is very light and delicate for invalids. Take an even table-spoonful of tapioca and soak for two hours in a cupful of new milk. Stir in the yolk of a fresh egg, a little sugar, a grain of salt and bake in a cup for fifteen minutes. A little jelly may be eaten with it, if allowed, or a few fresh strawberries. Mrs. C. M. Johnson.

Health Drink

A cooling drink for a sick person is made by boiling one and one-half ounces of tamarinds, three ounces of cranberries and two ounces of stoned raisins, in three pints of water, till the water is reduced to two pints. Strain and add a bit of lemon peel, which must be removed in an hour, as it gives a bitter taste if left too long. F. T. J.

Partridges are very delicate and tender for sick or old people, when boiled. Wash them well, truss them and put into boiling water, sprinkle a teaspoonful of salt over and simmer them very gently for one-quarter of an hour, or if the birds are old, twenty minutes. Serve with sliced lemon round the dish, and with white sauce, celery sauce, or bread sauce, accompanied by game gravy. M. A. Wells.

Tapioca For Invalids

Wash one tablespoonful of tapioca and soak it in a pint of water or milk and water for one-half hour. Let it boil, then simmer gently until it is quite clear, and stir frequently to keep it from getting into lumps. Sweeten it slightly and flavor with wine if agreeable, if not, with cinnamon. If it is too thick, add a little more water. Veal, mutton or chicken broth may be substituted for the water. Mrs. L. A. Mendum.