One should not drink coffee or eat highly-spiced food and should never touch pork or greasy dishes. Plenty of ripe fruit, oranges, particularly, will assist in clearing the skin. As a medicine take one teaspoon-ful of phosphate of soda in a glassful of hot water every morning one hour before breakfast; repeat the dose at night one hour before retiring. Continue to take the soda for three or four weeks, or as long as reauired.

Obstinate Blackheads

For obstinate blackheads try the following: Four ounces of tincture of green soap, four and one-half ounces of distilled witch hazel; mix; apply every second day and wash off immediately with hot water. You may be obliged to press on either side of the blackhead and force it out. The most stubborn cases will usually yield to this treatment. G. A. M.


If you have lost any teeth that will account for the lines, otherwise you should not have wrinkles before sixty. There is no other treatment that will take the place of massage for obliterating wrinkles. H. C.

Cure Of Pimples On The Face

Hard red pimples are a common and an obstinate affection of the skin, affecting the forehead, temples, the nose, chin and cheeks; occasionally attacking the neck, shoulders, back and chest. As they more frequently affect the young and are disfiguring, they cause much annoyance. I find, in these cases, great benefit from bathing the face, night and morning, with strong salt and water - a tablespoonful of table salt to a teacupful of water: paying attention to the bowels; living on plain, wholesome, nourishing food; and taking a great deal of outdoor exercise. Sea bathing is often very beneficial. Grubs and worms have a mortal antipathy to salt. Dr. Stevenson.

Round Shoulders

Deep breathing exercises and light gymnastics will cure all of round shoulders if they will be persistently practiced in. It would be impossible for me to tell you how many girls I have seen made straight and robust through the simplest exercises of this nature. O. L.

Care Of The Teeth

The teeth ought to be brushed after every meal. Any one suffering with decayed teeth ought to make it a rule to use a gargle of one cupful of tepid water and one-half teaspoonful of Listerine. H. T. R.

Rules For The Reduction Of Flesh

Avoid all starchy and sweetened food, all cereals, vegetables containing sugar or starch, such as peas, beans, corn, potatoes, etc. Have your bread toasted; sprinkle it with salt instead of butter. Milk, I regret to say, if it be pure and good, is fattening. Hot water is an excellent substitute for other liquids. Add a little of the juice of limes or lemons to it, if you choose. Limit your sleeping hours to seven at the outside. No naps. You must take exercise.

If you cannot walk at least five miles a day and do not wheel, go to one of the institutions where mechanical massage is given. Several of my correspondents report excellent results from this method of getting the vigorous exercise they require. The system is thoroughly wholesome and not expensive. In reducing flesh the one fact to recollect is that fat is carbon - oxygen destroys or burns out carbon. You must consume the carbon by the oxygen you take through your lungs. The more exercise the more oxygen and consequent destruction of fat by the one healthful method of curing obesity. The more starch and sugar you eat the more carbon to burn away. M. Y.

How To Remove Freckles

These are caused by an over-production of pigment in the skin, which seems to be brought out in spots by the action of the sun's rays. They can be made to disappear by the use of acid lacti, glycerina, of each one fluid drachm. Apply night and morning with a sponge. Another remedy is powdered niter moistened with water and applied to the face night and morning. W. S.

Cure For A Brown Throat

When the neck and throat have taken on a brown tinge from exposure to the sun or from wearing the high stock collars so fashionable, it can be remedied by using the following paste: Beat up an egg, add one ounce of honey, one teaspoonful of lemon juice, six drops of oil of bitter almonds and enough fine oatmeal to make it into a paste. Use morning and night. D. J. A.

How To Make A Handsome Throat

To have a rounded throat, sing, whether you have a "voice" or not, deeming the exercise valuable. At night wrap the throat in a linen cloth, wet with scented oil. This will nourish the skin and soften its outlines.

Exercise the throat every day by turning the head from side to side slowly but never fast. Try this ten minutes every night and morning. Friction is too rough treatment for ordinary skins. If used to prevent wrinkles it should be gentle and with a little massage cream on the fingers.

Sadie O.

Freckle Lotion

Four grains of corrosive sublimate, twenty-four drops of muriatic acid, three-quarters of an ounce of lump sugar, two ounces of alcohol, enough rose water to make one-half pint; mix until dissolved and apply night and morning. R. T.

Almond Meal

Six drachms of finely-prepared almonds, one and one-half ounces of orris root, three ounces of French chalk, one and one-half drachms of carbonate of soda, one drachm of borax, ten drops of oil of bergamot, six drops of oil of lemon, three drops of oil of orange flower, two drops of tincture of musk; mix well. Mrs. M. Thomas.

Toilet Powder

One-half pound of corn or rice-starch, one ounce each of orris root and French chalk. Fifteen drops each of oil of lemon and oil of bergamot, ten drops of oil of neroli, two drops each of oil of bitter almonds and oil of verbena. Mix well in a mortar and pass through a very fine sieve.