Perspiration Powder

One ounce of boracic acid, one drachm of burnt alum, one-half ounce of French chalk, six and one-half ounces of starch. Perfume with fifteen drops each of oil of lemon and oil of bergamot. Mix well and pass through a fine sieve. For excessive perspiration of hands and feet, sprinkle inside of gloves or stockings, or apply under the arms with a powder puff. I. R.

Hair Tonic

Aromatic spirits of ammonia, tincture of cantharides and glycerine; use one-fourth of an ounce of each and enough bay rum to make eight ounces. Louis M.

Wash For Eruptions

Take a piece of gum benzoin about the size of an English walnut, and boil in spirits of wine till it becomes a rich tincture. Bottle it. Wash the face three times a day with fifteen drops poured into a glassful of water, leaving it on the face to dry. It will remove spots, eruptions, etc.

Mary R.

How To Thicken The Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are inclined to grow thin in spots, a very simple application, and one that cannot possible injure them, is cocoa butter. A small piece may be softened and rubbed over your brows every night with your finger, following exactly the arch of the brow itself. R.

How To Clean Hair Brushes

Dissolve a generous piece of washing soda in warm water, dip the bristles of the brush into it, rubbing them a little with the hand. Be careful not to touch the ivory or ebony back of the brush with the soda water. Rinse in warm water, turn the brush up on the point of the handle and let dry thoroughly. It is claimed that a tablespoonful of ammonia will do the same amount of cleaning if dissolved in a quart of water. The brush should not be used till dry. Fannie Smith.

Massage For The Eyes

Whenever your organs of sight feel weak do not rub them roughly. You must not massage your eyes the same way you would the stronger parts of the body. They need help from the hands, but this help must be administered in a very gentle and delicate manner.

John Quincy Adams had a way of treating his eyes which, it is said, preserved their vision to old age, without the help of spectacles. This was to place his thumb and forefinger each upon an eyelid and gently rub them toward the nose a number of times each day. The action encourages circulation of blood in that locality, does away with the tiny spots that sometimes float before the vision and prevents that flattening of the lenses which causes dimness of sight at a certain focus. It is wonderful how much good can be done the eyes of people of all ages by using this simple exercise ten or fifteen minutes each day. F. S.

Tooth Wash

Two ounces of fine ground myrrh, two ounces of Peruvian bark, two ounces of orris root. Put them into a large bottle with two tablespoonfuls of white sugar. Fill the bottle with alcohol, shake it well and let stand a week. Then pour off all that is clear into another bottle. Steep two ounces of white oak bark one hour in a quart of water. When boiled down to one pint add it to the alcohol which has been poured off the myrrh and it is ready for use. W. P. C.

Tooth Powder

A nice and safe tooth powder is made of prepared chalk, one-half pound; pulverized myrrh, two ounces; camphor, two drachms; orris root, ground, two ounces. The camphor must be wet with alcohol and all mixed together. G. E. Mills.

How To Remove Tartar From The Teeth

Forty grains of finely-powdered boracic acid, thirty grains of chlorate of potassium, twenty grains of powdered guaracum, sixty grains of prepared chalk, one ounce of powdered carbonate of magnesia and one drop of attar of roses. This powder will loosen all the tartar on the teeth and sweeten the breath. G. H. A.

How To Remove Warts

These unsightly excrescences can be effectually removed by steeping or soaking a small piece of beef all night in vinegar. Cut what will cover the wart and tie it on. Strips of sticking plaster will fasten it on. Take the meat off in the daytime and put it on at night. In two weeks the wart will die and fall off. K. P.

Remedy For Tainted Breath

Many people are fond of onions and yet do not wish to make themselves offensive by eating them. This simple corrective will allow any one to indulge their appetite in this particular: Dissolve one-half teaspoonful of soda in boiling water and drink it. Orris root is also good, and rose pastilles sweeten the breath. Mrs. Martha Ketchum.

How To Induce Sleep

When one is overtired or worried and cannot sleep, being gently rubbed all over with a towel wrung out of hot salt water generally has the desired effect. Deep breathing in fresh air through the nostrils is also excellent. T. O. C.

Perfumery And Sachet Powders

The use of perfumery is not only refreshing, but invigorating, especially in winter, when it reminds one of the balmy, sweet-laden atmosphere of spring.

Perfumes should never be used to conceal any unpleasant odor. People of true refinement and good taste will always be known by the perfumery they use. Scrupulous cleanliness alone goes hand in hand with a delicate odor, and whenever the use of strong odors is detected that leave an unpleasant scent of musk or civet, the suspicion is at once aroused that the strong odor has been employed to conceal an offensive one. N.

Florida Water - How To Make

This can be made by any one by the following formula: Oil of lavender, one fluid ounce; oil of bergamot, one fluid ounce; oil of neroli, one-half drachm; oil of orange, one drachm; oil of clove, one-quarter drachm; pure musk, one grain; cologne spirit (96 per cent.) one quart; tincture of tonca, enough to give it a color. Steep or let stand and bruise fifteen days and filter. Hattie Schmidt.

Rose Water

Eight drops of oil of rose, twenty grains of carbonate of magnesium and water to make a pint. Rub the oil of rose with the magnesium in a mortar and slowly add the water. Then filter. M. A.

Lavender Water

Take four ounces of oil of lavender, one ounce of orris root, one quart of spirits of wine. Mix well and set aside for two weeks. Then strain it through blotting paper and it is ready to use. Sadie.


Six drachms of fine, fresh orris root, three drachms of fresh powdered rose leaves, three drachms of cassia flowers, two drachms of tonca beans, two drachms of vanilla, eight drops of oil of bitter almonds and as much extract of musk as desired. Grate the beans or pulverize in a metallic mortar, crumble the cassia flowers and buy the orris root and the rose leaves in the powdered form. Mix well. May.


One and three-quarter ounces of powdered orris root, one ounce of cassia flowers, one-quarter ounce of gum benzoin, two drops of oil of rose, one small drop of oil of bitter almonds; moisten with one drachm of extract of violet. Lizzie Nieman.


Use of alcohol, one gallon; oil of lavender, twelve drachms; oil of rosemary, four drachms; essence of lemon, twelve drachms; oil of berga-mot, twelve drachms; oil of cinnamon, twelve drops. Mix and shake together three or four times a day for two weeks. Julia Hoff.

German Cologne

Take one and one-quarter gallons of alcohol, one ounce of oil of bergamot, one ounce of oil of lemon, one-quarter ounce of oil of neroli, one-quarter ounce of oil of sandal wood and thirty grains of camphor. Mix thoroughly, let stand fourteen days when it is ready. Keep in tightly-corked glass bottles. Dr. P.

Sachet Powder

A charming sachet powder for wardrobes, boxes, etc., far finer than any mixture sold at the shops, is the following: Coriander, orris root, rose leaves and aromatic calamus, each one ounce; lavender flowers, two ounces; rhodium wood, one-fourth of a drachm; musk, five grains. These are to be mixed and reduced to a coarse powder. This scent on clothes is as if all fragrant flowers had been pressed in their folds.