Mashed Turnips

Pare, wash and cut turnips in slices; put them in a pan with as much cold water as will just cover them; let them boil till tender; pour them into a sieve or colander and press out the water; mash them with fresh milk or sweet cream until entirely free from lumps; then put them into a saucepan over the fire and stir about three minutes. F.

Turnips In Cream

Cut the turnips into squares, boil in salt water until tender, add one cupful of rich milk, thickened with a little flour and butter; season to taste with salt and pepper. Mrs. Irene Jenkins.

Stuffed Turnips

Select one dozen medium-sized turnips; peel and boil whole in water slightly salted; when tender pour off the water, slice a piece from the end of each turnip, scrape out the center, mash, and season with salt, pepper, butter and yolk of an egg. Fill the turnips with this mixture, put back the slice, brush over with butter, put in a baking dish and put in the hot oven to brown. Mrs. Atwood.


Boiled Beets

Wash the roots with great care. Do not scrape or cut them, else the juice will escape and their flavor will be injured. Put them into a pan of boiling water and keep them boiling for one or two hours, or until tender. Do not prick them with a fork to ascertain this but press on the thickest part with the fingers and they will yield to the pressure. When done put them into cold water and rub the skin off with the hand, cutting them into slices of same size. They can be sent to table with no seasoning, or they may be returned to the fire and a very thin sauce of flour, butter and milk may be made and poured over them. Mrs. Annie G.

Creamed Beets

Cut off stalks and leaves and wash the beets through three or four waters. Salt the water in your kettle well, and boil them till done. Peel them when cooked and lay them in a drainer till all the water is gone, then cut them up while hot into even slices. Cover them with cream or white sauce and serve. Mrs. J. Maguire.


Stewed Mushrooms

A nice dish for the tea is made by peeling the mushrooms, and taking out the inner part, then broiling them on a gridiron. When the outside is brown, place them in a saucepan, just covering them with water. Let them stay in this water ten minutes, and then add a tablespoonful of white wine, a tablespoonful of burned sugar, and a few drops of sharp vinegar. Thicken with flour, milk and butter. Let them boil up a little, then toast bread pretty brown, lay it on a heated dish and pour the mushrooms over.

Another way to prepare them for the table is to broil them. Select the largest and have a clear fire. Get the gridiron quite hot, and rub the bars with suet, so that the mushrooms will not stick. Lay them on the gridiron, with the stalks upward. Sprinkle sparingly with salt, but lavishly with pepper. Serve on a hot dish with a little butter over and under them. When they begin to steam they are done. Mrs. Kate Wilson.

Broiled Mushrooms

In order to test mushrooms, sprinkle salt on the gills - if they turn yellow they are poisonous, if they turn black they are good. After testing, pare, and cut off stems, dip in melted butter, season with salt and pepper, broil on both sides over a clear fire and serve on toast. A. P.

Mushroom Croquettes

Press one cupful of cold mashed potatoes through a sieve, add two cupfuls of mushrooms, which have been cut in pieces and simmered in two tablespoonfuls of butter for twenty minutes. Sprinkle when cooking with salt. Beat in two eggs, form into balls, and fry in hot oil.

Mrs. C. I. Smith.

Escalloped Mushrooms

Put the mushrooms in a buttered baking dish with alternate layers of crumbs, seasoning each layer plentifully with butter; add salt, pepper and a gill of cream or gravy. Bake twenty minutes, keeping covered while in the oven. O. B. M.

Baked Mushrooms

Toast for each person a large slice of bread and spread over with rich sweet cream; lay on each slice, head downward, a mushroom, or if small. more than one; season and fill each with as much cream as it will hold. Place over each a custard cup, pressing well down to the toast; set in a moderate oven and cook fifteen minutes, Do not remove the cups for five minutes after they come from the oven, as thereby the flavor of the mushroom is preserved in its entirety. E. J.