Boiled Potatoes

If the potatoes are to be boiled in their skins, cut a narrow band of skin from the center of the potato and small pieces from the ends. If the potatoes are to be peeled, use a very sharp knife and remove as thin a layer as possible. If the potatoes are very young, the skins may be scraped off. Let the potatoes boil fifteen minutes; then add a tablespoon of salt for every dozen potatoes; boil until tender and remove immediately from the water so that they will not become soggy. They will be improved by being kept hot for an hour or more provided that they are so ventilated that they dry rather than retain moisture.

Boiled potatoes may be served dry or covered with cream sauce.

Steamed Potatoes

Steamed potatoes are prepared as for boiling, put in a closed vessel having a perforated bottom over a kettle of boiling water. They will require from thirty to forty minutes to cook.

Baked Potatoes

Wash the potatoes perfectly clean and let them drain; put them in an old baking pan in a hot oven and bake until soft. Potatoes of medium size will take about forty minutes. Baked potatoes should be served as soon as they are done, but if they must stand for any time the skins should be broken so that the moisture may escape.

French Fried Potatoes

Pare the potatoes and throw them into cold water until needed. Dry them with a towel; cut into small pieces lengthwise of the potato; drop them into hot fat and remove when lightly browned. It is better to fry only a few at a time, letting those done stand in a colander in the oven to keep hot. When all are done, sprinkle with salt and serve at once.

For variety, and for use in garnishing, cut the potatoes into balls, using the vegetable cutter which comes for this purpose.

Stuffed Potatoes

6 large potatoes 1 tablespoon butter cup milk

1 teaspoon salt' Dash of pepper 1 egg

Bake the potatoes and when done cut off one end of each and scoop out the contents into a bowl. Mash thoroughly; add the butter, seasoning and milk. Then return the potato to the shells; dip the open end of each in beaten egg and place them on a pan in the oven. Brown the ends and serve.

Mashed Potatoes

4 medium-sized potatoes teaspoon salt

1 large tablespoon butter 4 tablespoons milk

Boil the potatoes and drain them thoroughly; mash and beat with a wire beater until light; add the butter, salt and milk, heated. Serve at once if possible. If obliged to keep them stand ing do not put a cover on the saucepan as steam makes them soggy. Stand over a kettle of hot water and when ready to serve put them, mound fashion, in a hot dish and sprinkle the top lightly with pepper.

Creamed Potatoes

2 cups boiled potatoes 1 cup cream sauce

Make the cream sauce thinner than usual by adding a little extra milk. Cut the potatoes into small cubes and mix them thoroughly with the same. Cook in a double boiler until the potatoes are thoroughly hot; add a little chopped parsley, if desired, and serve.