International Institute

International Institute - Department of Domestic Science

Regularly enrolled members of the Department of Domestic Science of the International Institute are entitled:

To receive free of charge a copy of the Institute Cook Book by Helen Cramp, comprising over 500 pages, 8 colored plates, and 86 half-tone illustrations. Bound in Decorative Sanitas.

To receive free of charge, upon application, expert advice on all questions arising in connection with the management of the household, including advice upon cookery, home decorations, domestic economy, household management, etc., etc.

It is mutually understood and agreed:

A. That this certificate covers the above-mentioned service for a period of one year only.

B. That not more than five questions shall be sent in at any one time or during any one month.

C. That no attention will be paid to inquiries unless certificate number is given, and the inquiry is accompanied by a self-addressed stamped return envelope. Do not send the certificate, merely give number of same which is printed in red on the reverse side.

International Institute

1008 Arch Street Philadelphia, Pa.

Note. - It will increase the interest and profit to be derived from the work of the International Institute if the members in any particular neighborhood will form a club and meet at regular periods to propose questions of general interest and to discuss replies received from the Institute.