The informal dinner to which only a few guests are invited, is served almost like the formal dinner; but where there is only one waitress it is customary to do a good deal of the serving on the table.

For this simple dinner, soup, a roast, two vegetables, a salad, dessert and coffee amply suffice.

Soup may be served by the hostess from a tureen. The waitress takes one soup-plat, at a time from the sideboard, placing it in front of the hostess; when it is filled she passes it to the guest and brings another Fish may be served by the host and passed in the same manner as the soup. The roast is carved by the host; but entrees, if included in the menu, are served from the side. Vegetables and sauces should be placed on the side-table and passed to each guest when required. The salad may be brought in on individual plates or served on the table by either host or hostess. The dessert is served by the hostess, and the coffee, unless brought in cups from the kitchen, is poured by her. Bonbons and relishes are usually on the table.