Prepare sponge same as No. 3300, but using two-thirds wheat'and one-third rye flour, adding a teaspoon kummel seeds. After dough has risen during night remove either to floured table or dishpan, and briskly work it for twelve or fifteen minutes. Should it be slightly soft sprinkle over a little flour until of such firm consistency that it will not stick to pan. Divide dough into four equal parts, roll in round shapes, cover and let rest for ten minutes. Then roll out to loaf or ring shape, cover with a dry cloth, set to rise for one hour in temperature of 80 degrees, transfer to baking tin and sprinkle a very little cornmeal flour, over top of each. Make a few rapid incisions on top at equal distance from one another, then with a hair pastry brush lightly wet surface of each with water, set in oven to bake for an hour or until well baked all around, being careful not to open the oven door before the lapse of twenty minutes. Remove from oven, lightly glaze surface again with water and reset in oven to dry for five minutes, take out and serve.